Sunday, 18 November 2007

Knitting and Moo Cards

This weekend I have been knitting 8 inch x 8 inch red squares for The Childrens Society. This year their Big Stitch involves creating the largest Christmas Stocking and all of the knitters getting sponsored. Hopefully they will also break the Guinness World Record and raise lots of money to help give children their childhood back.
If you are interested in getting involved click on the link. or by calling 0845 600 8585.

I have come across several events like this over the year and as part of my job often get info sent to me. So I am going to set up a section in my margin for charity events as and when I find out about them.

Saturday afternoon saw the arrival of these cutes little Moo Cards:

I have been thinking about getting these for sometime but after having read a posting on Craftboom which is a sister blog of U-Handbag, click on the U-Handbag button for the link, I decided to get some. It is a pity that I had already posted Picciolo's parcel as I would have liked to have popped one in, never mind.. This cute little sample sticker book was also sent which is very tempting, isn't it? (Somehow I managed to drag AND copy this photo..opps, I actually recieved one set of stickers, not two..)

These MOO Cards now completes my packaging, coupled with designed and handmade items, all I need to do now is decide whether to use Ebay, Etsy or try E-Junkie to sell my work or a combination of all three.
I would also like to try more craft fairs, even though these can be rather hit and miss in terms of success. Does anyone now of any that take place in Cornwall?

My new bag for the Nov/Dec U-Hand bag Challenge is under way:
I need to stiffen the base and so bought some plastic grid for this very job, but the instructions are clearly talking about something else which can be stitched through. My plastic definately can not be stitched through, will have to solve that one somehow.. Will let you know how it goes. The pincushion and armchair bag is coming along nicely and I should hopefully have something to show you soon.
I have a very very busy week at work again so posting may be erratic but please keep coming to look.
Anyone tried the fleece juggle balls yet? I will have the flowery fleece example shown in the post available for sale, probably on Ebay until I have something else sorted out. My ID is Andream 7813 if you want to have a look.

Have a great week whatever you are back about Wednesday I think.
Take care...


picciolo said...

hello! How funny, I am getting the 'now I'm five' start to every sentence too! And Holly and I do the same thing, cuddle up with our pjs on, but on a saturday when we watch x-factor! Your moo cards look great and I like the material you have picked for your bag, good luck sewing through the plastic
: )

Nan said...


Thanks for coming by for a visit and I am honored that you would put me on your blog roll ;) That's so sweet.

It's so nice to be in touch with others through blogs, I have receive so much inspiration by reading blogs of people with interests in common, I find a lot of them when I click on the blue highlighted word in my own profile section. If you list on your own profile in the interest options single word that describe your interests and save it to be included in your profile view, you can find so many clever people with similar things in common with you, try going to my profile page and you will see what I mean.

I have learned so much about blogging from my fellow bloggers, though my son still calls me an "e-tard" I feel as if I learn something new almost daily.

If you ever have any questions and I can help I would be glad to. I know this is becoming a rather long comment, I should have just emailed you!

I look forward to receiving your entry in the contest if you do decide to participate, I am kind of disappointed that I have yet to receive an official entry yet, but several say they will be sending in one. I know it's only been a few days since I posted the contest and I have over 10 days left till the deadline, but I want to see a big response and am hoping to see some entries soon. Cyber hugs from me!

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