Saturday, 10 November 2007

Juggle Ball Tutorial

At last my first tutorial. Many of you may have made Juggle Balls before but this is a simple method that youngsters can tackle. It does not take very much fabric and there is an alternative fabric which I will explain another time. So here goes..

Cut a paper pattern or card template with the measurements shown.

Cut out 6 squares using the pattern. I have used two fabrics to make it easier to see what is happening but you can use any combination. I am using a lightweight cotton.

Match right sides together and pin on three sides.
Stitch around each set of squares on three side. Reverse stitching at the beginning and end does help when matching up the opening later.

Next carefully clip the corners and turn each juggle ball round the correct way so that the right side of the fabric is showing. Iron if needed.

Then carefully fill each juggle bag approx 3/4 full with beanie filling. An alternative could be dried rice or lentils but be careful not to allow them to get wet as they will go mouldy.

The next stage is the bit where they change from a rectangular bag to a triangular one. Hold the filled juggle bag so that the seam is facing you. Fold in the raw edges about 1cm and match up the two seams. Put in a pin vertically, this will make it easier to take out later. Then..

This will then make it easier to tuck in 1cm and place in two more pins so that the top edge is neatened and pinned together.

Then, making sure that all of the beanie filling is out of the way, carefully tip the juggle bag on its side and stitch across the top. Take the pins out before you get to them (this is why they are put in vertically) . You could hand stitch the opening shut, but this way is stronger and quicker.

Repeat this with the other two juggle bags and you should end up with the above. The triangular shape makes it easier to catch the juggle bag, especially for smaller hands.

Next time will be an alternative fabric.
Hope this works for you. Please ask any questions if anything is not clear and I hope that you like my very first tutorial.
The next one will be a little harder.
Got to go and make a fabric party bag for tomorrow.
Bye for now.


purple and paisley said...

i just noticed this tutorial...i love the triangular shape of the juggle balls! i am adding this to my to-do-list...thanks!

myheart4him said...

I can't wait to make these. Your project is on my "To Do" list for this weekend. I will post a picture on my blog. Have you considered creating a Juggling Bacll Tutorial Flickr group? I always love seeing everyone else's creations and color choices.


Julie said...

I used this tutorial to make juggle balls/bags for my two boys. The eldest hasn't tried his yet, but the youngest loves throwing them at me and his Dad!

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