Thursday, 29 November 2007

Mermaid wall-hanging

Take a much loved Mermaid t-shirt which Sophie can not bear to give away and turn it into....

a wall-hanging. The dark evenings are making it tricky to take decent photos but the blue band has free- machined quilting on it and blue binding onthe outer edge. There are matching blue hanging loops at the top through which a wooden hanging rod can be passed through.
I just managed to finish this for the Recycling contest being run by nannybird, see link in margin.
I look forward to seeing all of the other entries. You can click on the link and once all of the entrys have been uploaded viewers to the blog can vote on their favourite so pop over and join in .
I have decided to hang onto this wall hanging until the last day of the school term so it will be a little pressie for Sophie to celebrate her first full school term.
It was a pleasant surprise to see comments on the blog from brand new visitors, welcome and I hope you will come back again another time.
Bye for now.


Nan said...

The contest entries are posted, come and vote! I appreciate your entries! Thanks!!!

picciolo said...

hello! You wallhanging looks great, what a clever idea. I hope you do well in the contest, good luck!
: )

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