Friday, 16 November 2007

Children in Need,a cuddle and some crafting...

Tonight Sophie and I are going to watch Children in Need tonight in our PJ's sat on the sofa with a fleece blanket have a cuddle and watch the fun on the television. Previous years she has not been able to stay awake long enough but '"now I'm five I can stay up can't I mummy?" Hence an earlier blog on a Friday night.
This week has been chaos so blogging has had to take a back seat.

The craft evening on Wednesday was unfortunately rather a quiet affair but a few items sold and I chatted to some people that I had not seen in ages. Plans for next year are being discussed and possibly a few changes will be made. Sophie's very first Parent's Evening was a success and that she likes to make things was brought up. Guess who she takes after in this area? A sore throat and a head that resembles a hang-over ( I should be so lucky) has been the order of the week so I am relieved that it is the weekend.

However, there is often a silver lining on the horizon because when I got home today I found a lovely email from Picciolo and I recieved a very nice blog from a lady in America who invited me to take a look at a competition on recycling an item into another product. She has said that I can put a link here directly to the competition rules etc.

I shall certainly give it a go. Her blog is fun to read and what I really liked was that she found me via a comment I had left elsewhere and decided to visit a new blog for the first time, and it is that kind of friendliness that made me set up a blog in the first place.

The speed at which time is slipping by has meant that my mystery pic was not followed up ( tut, tut).

These are close up shots of an organiser which hangs over the arm of your chair. Just need to find the full size pic.. hold on I will be back in a mo...

Found them...
This is a prototype of an integrated pincushion and bag which can go on or over the arm of a chair. I have made it so that it can be folded up and taken to classes or workshops. I have seen some that that have a rigid bag opening but I would find that a bit annoying. I am developing this idea further and I have started to make it. I would then like to list some on by ebay section and hopefully on this blog via E-junkie once I have figured out how to do it. I read the blurb yesterday but another go is required I think. I also have a party bag idea, so if you would like an environmentally friendly party bag and activity rolled into one the bag item is in the pipeline which I will post over the weekend and I hope to stock some of those too. I tried it out at Sophie's party and it went down well with both the children and the parents.

Has anyone had a go at the juggle balls yet? Please let me now if you have. I have just made a set for Sophie as a stocking filler.

Here is a fleece version...

Cut out and match up your 6 squares, but this time put the wrong sides of the fabric together and stitch on the outside using straight stitch.

Using a pair of pinking shears go around the three stitched edges.
Next, fill the juggle ball with beanie filling and stitch the opening shut as shown in the last tutorial. This time you do not need to turn in any raw edges and once sewn the edge can be pinked with the pinking shears to match the other seams. Easy.
These could also be made by hand using embroidery thread and blanket stitch set close together. Just check that the beanie filling can not escape.
Well I had better go and catch up with Pudsey.
Enjoy the evening.

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