Sunday, 7 October 2007

Fancy making a Scarf..

This photo is much better than the last one I took so I am glad that I mis-laid it.
It is a lovely mottled brown colour using Ostrich wool which is simply a brand. It is so quick and easy to make that if you can do the basic knit stitch you are onto a winner.
I used the following:

8MM needles
2-3 balls of 50g Ostrich wool.
I cast on 30 stitches.
Knit every row until you get it the length you want or until all three balls of wool have been used.
I only used two balls as I have found that these scarves 'grow' with use but it is up to you. Some wool shops will take back unused wool with a reciept, but check before buying. Also have a look in charity shops, recycled a wool garment from home, end of stock bins in wool shops etc.
Another tip is that every so often slip the first stitch onto the needle at the start of the next row so as to maintain a straight edge with a good tension. I also used a cheap pair of plastic needles left over from another project. This little project is ideal for the evenings as very little thinking is needed but you can make loads of pressies quite quickly. Many of the fancy yarns available will make a lovely scarf, such as 'Feather Yarn' and it is cheaper to buy the wool separately than as a scarf kit of which there are many about at the moment.

Seeing as it is National Knitting Week 13th - 21st October 2007, so go on and have a go! Also take a look at the knitted Gingerbread house on I saw it at Creative Stitches in Exeter last weekend, it was brilliant. Many hours went into it from knitters all over the world.
Quilt is progressing, cut out the backing now but need a big space to photograph it.
If you have read this post could you please click on comments and leave a note so that I do not quite so on my own, many thanks.
(Look text mixed with photo's, at last.)
See you next week.

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