Wednesday, 31 October 2007

Autumn Pincushion

Somehow the awful start to my pincushion that you can see in my previous post miraculously turned into this...

I am actually quite pleased with it and finished at 11pm last night. What do you think? The idea was inspired by a pincushion book that I featured in a previous post and changed the size, materials and added to the overall appearance of the final pincushion. I have uploaded it onto the Pincushion Challenge Flickr Pool group so please click on the link that you will find on this blog and have a look at the other entries. I am sure that more will be added during today. I am quite looking forward to seeing what the next theme will be, hopefully something Christmasy would be fun.

Anyone can have a go at this challenge, just join the group which is easy and free to do, then wait to see what the theme will be. The hardest bit is meeting the deadline.

Yesterday Sophie got all creative with her extensive range of Playdough and made this group of farm animals all by herself..

Complete with farmer.
Well , best get on. Have an Amy Butler bag to make, a ballet shoe bag to think about, a box of work to finish marking, a tutorial to photograph and I have just been asked to make some fabric nappies for Sophie's Baby Dolly.
Enjoy the day...

Tuesday, 30 October 2007

Late night jam making

Tuesday started off nice and sunny and has stayed that way. Sophie and I went to the garden centre and bought a few plants which we will show you tomorrow but it involves a large teacup. Last week I was given some apples....

Which I then added to these which I picked on a Farm near Bodmin...

and after much stirring and a little cursing when it started to stick to the bottom of the pan turned into this at 11.15pm...

I added the fabric and labels this morning. Do I normally make jam at that time, well yes in the evening so that I am not interrupted, but I encountered a slight hitch which I sorted out. I will be giving a jar to a friend of mine, just got to decide which fabric she would like the best.

The pincushion has at long last been started. What do you think?

Rubbish isn't it? Not one of my best makes but I shall soldier on and see how it turns out. I think a few well positioned leaves etc will help to hide some of the poorer bits. Update tomorrow.

Many thanks to those of you who have left a message over the last few days. Keeps me posting and hopefully you will want to come back and see what I have made next.

What do you think this is?

Tell you later in the week.

Monday, 29 October 2007

Finished at last...

It is offical, the quilt and matching cushion is now finished. The first large scale quilt that I have ever made. It has gone together better than I expected and the cushion is an added bonus. I really hope that Kirsty will be pleased with it. There will be a grand handing over ceremony at work next week.

We have had a busy weekend. A very successful ballet lesson which, as I predicted, has resulted in two purchases on Ebay for ballet wear and watching several other items. We have two weeks until the next lesson so plenty of time to get fully kitted out.

That was the highlight because from then on my husband felt rough with a cold and Sophie was sick twice. Excellent holiday so far. Today we are about to go to the Dentist again because Sophie fell over at school, hit her face on the classroom carpet and now one of her front teeth is going black. So the trend for the rest of the week seems to be taking shape.

To lighten the mood I thought that you might like to see what I have put together so far for my next U-handbag November entry using an Amy Butler Pattern.
Bright eh?....Oh yes, and should help to brighten up those dark evenings now that the clocks have changed.
I have been wanting to use the braid for some time, I can not even remember where I bought it from. It was one of those' I like that and it will come in useful sometime' purchases. Ever been in that position? I will need to get my skates on as the deadline is the 5th November. As for the Pincushion challenge entry? Well that is still a pile of bits with two days to go, not looking good is it? Oh and I have not forgotton about the tutorial.
See you tomorrow.

Friday, 26 October 2007

Quilt progress and Half-term joys..

While many areas are coming to the end of their half-term we in Cornwall are just starting our holiday. I am so tired that I am fit to drop, but just before I do I thought I would fit in a post. I am delighted (and relieved) that the quilt is pretty much finished but I found a stubborn corner on the binding and I want to improve it. It is only a couple of centimetres, but we have our pride don't we?

I have some fabrice left over so I think that I will make a matching cushion. Not quite enough to make any pillow cases. I am really pleased with my first large scale quilt. I was worried to start with but Kirsty says that it is exactly what she wanted. So can not get better than that. Sophie has now said that she would like a quilt. She has a wooden junior bed so perhaps I had better meet this request before she goes up to a adult single size!!
I have been adding a few items to my ebay (ID is Andream 7813) mainly old stitch mags.(shown: 1999 issue No.54)

I will be adding some new items such as piping cord, silver sequin waste which is ideal for cards, blank cards, cotton lace and some other items, so please come back later to have a look as I will have a few pictures here as well as on Ebay. Not sure if I can do a link directly but I shall have a look to see.
I will also put on my first simple tutorial this week as I can take better pictures during the day. Simple for me as I have not blogged one before!
It is nearly 9pm and I want to cut out the cushion before my eyes start going. If you have found this blog could you leave a comment to let me know that you are out there, I would really appreciate it!
Must go I can hear my scissors calling!
PS Ballet lesson number 3 tomorrow, I feel a ballet set purchase taking place this week as the pink skirt and T-shirt is not going to cut it many more weeks!

Monday, 22 October 2007

Struck down....

... with a nasty head cold. So a day off work as I really, really need to be there tomorrow so I stayed in bed and hopefully will benefit from a quiet day at home and go in tomorrow fighting fit! (Well at least drag myself through the day and get the job done!). Anyway , my hubby did a good job of holding the fort yesterday while I sneezed, coughed and felt rough all day. Sophie was very good and gave mummy a wide berth for the day. Did get some fresh air which made me feel better until I got in-doors again and blocked straight back up again! A pumpkin was purchased by hubby and of course was not going to get through the day left alone (especially with a 4yr old around) so was transformed from this...

to this happy little chappie...
Now this photo really does not do it justice, the candle does not show up very well and when I tried to take a picture outside in the dark the flash insisted on going off. It looked really good and Sophie was thrilled as the face was her design! Whether Mr Pumpkin will last until Halloween is doubtful so Mr Pumpkin the second is in the planning stage.
Added some items to my new Etsy shop at long last. It seems to take ages compared to ebay so I am only putting a couple on at a time. Use the link to take a look. More will be added when I can lean over a laptop without my nose running! I do not have an ebay shop but my ID is Andream7813 if you are interested in secondhand textiles mags.
Must get some lunch and blow my nose.
Take care all.

Friday, 19 October 2007

Pamper Friday..

It's friday again and my little one is in bed. Early up tomorrow for ballet lesson number two, this time she intends to take part. Despite trawling through Ebay I was not able to find any ballet wear that stood a chance of getting here in time. I have decided to see if there is any for sale at the venue. Sophie is really excited.
Well, the pamper session at work went well, so much laughing went on that you would have thought there was wine there as well, but sadly not most of us had to drive home! I set up my itty bitty table at home to see if I could fit everything on which was worthwhile doing as the presentation was commented on and I sold quite a few items. Sophie's dreams of playing shops came true!

The felt keyrings will now be put into my empty Etsy shop in the hope that they will be of interest as well as some of the other items. Take a look over the next week.
I also have a new bag to create for the next U-handbag challenge for November and the "well intentioned but yet to be realised" Autumn pincushion to make. I am glad that there is only one more week until half-term as my stitching has taken such a back seat that it is almost out of sight!! Seeing as my blogging skills are getting better, I would like to try putting a tutorial on here as well. Got a couple ideas up my sleeve.
Off to get a cuppa and do some knitting.

Tuesday, 16 October 2007

Wet and Windy Week....

The weather has taken a turn for the worst and the darker evenings are definanately with us. Now, at this time of year when I get home from a long hard day all I want to do is... not a lot really even though part of me would very much like to sew, sew ,sew. Work is really rather taking over at the moment and I have just completed a presentation on my laptop, which I shall be giving tomorrow. So the never ending quilt has had to take a back seat, but I am determined to have it completed by half-term!! I have been asked to sell some of my hand made items at a Pamper Evening that we are holding at work next Friday and whatever is left will be put in the Etsy shop that I opened and then could not fill because of the above invite. I am going to take a collection of these...

Sophie is really looking forward to 'playing shops' for real lets hope someone helps us out with that bit and buys something!
I also have software to load so that I can set up my own website. That box has been sitting in my work room for over a month now and I am a little scared to do anything with it. I really want to set up a little business to channel my hobby and sewing into but.. well I think I shall bite the bullet, keep my fingers crossed and see what happens.

Last Saturday's visit to Sophie's first ballet lesson was successful, only watched to see what it was all about, but she wants to go again so watch this space. So I am now on the hunt for diddy bits of ballet clothes and an early rise on a Saturday morning. The joys of motherhood!

The postman brought another delivery from U-handbag with some supplies for me so that I can enter next months Amy Butler Challenge. Took a while to get here so I will have to get my skates on to make it. My own personal challenge is to use up some more of my stash. If you would like to now more about this challenge click on the u-handbag button which I managed to move into the margin this week.
Better get some beauty sleep. See you tomorrow.

Friday, 12 October 2007

Novelty Pincushions

Friday has whizzed round again and I find myself unexpectedly on my own with hubby and daughter out for the evening. Which was a pleasant surprise as I can catch up on a few things. Already marked a box of work, updated a list for a school trip that I am orgainising to the Clothes Show Live, so for the rest of the evening it is some me time. So unusally a blog opportunity on a Friday.

I found this cute little book ages ago and I am having a go at some of the ideas. Last year I had a go at the sewing machine and made some changes, such as enlarging the patterns slightly, adding decoration with 3D paint, hand embroidery stitches and adding a subtantial wooden base to hold it steady. Thought you all would like a look at it.

The photo is perhaps a little over exposed but you can get the general idea. My next project is still the Autumn themed pincushion for Pincushion Challenge on flickr which I have also started, so fitting that in with the quilt.

The postal situation has certainly slowed things down so I am still keeping an eye open for items from U-Hnadbag ready for next months challenge and an item from the Kath Kidston website. Some lovely items on that site which are ideal for pressies.
Best go and make use of the quiet time, stitching in the ditch on Kirsty's quilt, glass of wine and some sewing music....mmmmm...right I'm off byeeeee.

Thursday, 11 October 2007

Blog Building!!

Just a short post today as it is late ( or should I say early). Been adding to blog site as I was asked how many people have visited and I simply did not know. So my limited knowledge of ICT but good instructions from those in the know, has enabled me to add a hit counter. Lets see if it changes.
I have started to stitch on the quilt backing, it is very heavy but is keeping my knees warm whilst sewing it. Definately a winter project. Busy day tomorrow so better head off for some beauty sleep.
Lovely flower taken with new camera.

Blog Building!!

I feel quite pleased with myself, my limited knowledge has not stopped me from adding a few items to this blog. Obviously I had help with good instructions from fellow bloggers and statscounter, but they are additions none the less.

Just a quick post today long day ahead of me, been up planning for a special lesson tomorrow but I have started to attach the backing to the quilt!! getting excitiung now as I can actucally see the light at the end of the tunnel.

See you soon.

Sunday, 7 October 2007

Fancy making a Scarf..

This photo is much better than the last one I took so I am glad that I mis-laid it.
It is a lovely mottled brown colour using Ostrich wool which is simply a brand. It is so quick and easy to make that if you can do the basic knit stitch you are onto a winner.
I used the following:

8MM needles
2-3 balls of 50g Ostrich wool.
I cast on 30 stitches.
Knit every row until you get it the length you want or until all three balls of wool have been used.
I only used two balls as I have found that these scarves 'grow' with use but it is up to you. Some wool shops will take back unused wool with a reciept, but check before buying. Also have a look in charity shops, recycled a wool garment from home, end of stock bins in wool shops etc.
Another tip is that every so often slip the first stitch onto the needle at the start of the next row so as to maintain a straight edge with a good tension. I also used a cheap pair of plastic needles left over from another project. This little project is ideal for the evenings as very little thinking is needed but you can make loads of pressies quite quickly. Many of the fancy yarns available will make a lovely scarf, such as 'Feather Yarn' and it is cheaper to buy the wool separately than as a scarf kit of which there are many about at the moment.

Seeing as it is National Knitting Week 13th - 21st October 2007, so go on and have a go! Also take a look at the knitted Gingerbread house on I saw it at Creative Stitches in Exeter last weekend, it was brilliant. Many hours went into it from knitters all over the world.
Quilt is progressing, cut out the backing now but need a big space to photograph it.
If you have read this post could you please click on comments and leave a note so that I do not quite so on my own, many thanks.
(Look text mixed with photo's, at last.)
See you next week.

Saturday, 6 October 2007

What a Week...

Where has the time gone? Work has been mad this week and the world of blog had to be put to one side. Thursday this week was Open Evening and some of my younger students came in and we made padded bugs. We cheated with some bits by using a glue gun due to time etc. Several others were made but escaped home before I could get the camera out.
I particularly like the hip caterpillar with his own head-phones and Ipod.

The quilt is coming along nicely and the backing will start to go on tomorrow but the progress photo was awful so I will need to do it again.

Unfortunately my bag missed out on a prize with U-handbag but I 'will be back' next month for another go.

There is to be a 'pamper evening' at work for lady staff and I have been asked to sell some of my cards and other stitched items so I will let you know how I get on. Will need to stock up on a few items by then.

And as for my entry for the Pincushion challenge? No I have not done my homework yet so it is still very much in pieces, tut tut.

By the way , hasn't it been a lovely day today? (Well it was in Cornwall sorry if it was not so good where you are.)

Back tomorrow with quilt progress and an easy to knit scarf.

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