Friday, 12 September 2014

More Loom Band training...

Last weekend Sophie and I decided to spent some Mummy/daughter time together which means that Sophie gets to choose what we will do.
Well, the latest  craze for Sophie is Loom Banding.  In fact it is a craze that has actually lasted for many weeks now so I think it is here to stay for quite a while.
So, I had my second lesson in loom banding............
When we went to Plymouth last week I decided that if I can beat this loom banding I may as well join them so I bought the above loom at a Toy shop.  The hook is actually one of my crochet hook.  They were selling proper metal crochet hooks on the nearby stand just for Loom banding, I bet there has been a huge surge in the sale of these little tools!
Sophie thought that a couple of simple bracelets would make a good lesson so I ended up using this teeny weeny loom instead.
I found it quite fiddly and clearly my little finger is still not fully back to normal, it didn't like the small size of this loom.  However, I kept at it and I eventually ended up with a bracelet with a stitch that looked very similar to a single knit or crochet chain.
We then tackled a much harder bracelet called the Fish Tail and I thought it would like great in multi-coloured loom bands.  Looks quite tropical I thought.
The one I really liked and might actually use was the little flower at the top of the picture.  Very quick to do but you do need to get your colours the right way round as this was meant to be a daisy!
I enjoyed this session even if I did not really know what I was doing half the time and the fun that Sophie had in showing Mummy how to loom band was worth the state of confusion.  
Since last weekend Sophie has designed and made a Union flag using grid paper and her loom band skills.  it is brilliant!!
Sophie has also made other flower shapes which I hope she will show me this weekend.
I have bought some of these little loops for my Textiles club to use and see what we end up with.
I have only had three sign up so far but if I remember rightly this happened last year and I ended up with 15, so I shall keep my fingers crossed.
have a good weekend all

Tuesday, 9 September 2014

Mystery Post! Art Journaling Inspiration.

The same day that my Raydori arrived so did the above hand painted envelope.  I help get some inspiration for my sketchbook and art journalling in general I decided to visit Jennibellies Est web shop and purchase one of her mystery packs.
The envelop is fascinating and all hand painted.
Some of the stamps were of interest because I have just finished my three ATC cards for the September Blissfull Art Group and the theme was Postage Stamps.
Inside there was a hand wrapped package in printed paper.

Insider was a selection of items all of which had been printed on high quality paper from original art work.
Advertising for a Ning page group that I am actually a member.  Link in my side bar.
Some inspiration postcards.
 A letter from Jenniebellie and a print of a hand made Zine, which is a little folded book.  
I have made similar versions with my students at school, in which they  have added objectives ob how to deal with social situations.  Is version is highly coloured and has lots of drawing and even as word search!
I would like to make some more of these and I wonder if they would work with fabric?

There are quotes and hand painted stickers which have been printed on lovely paper.
Quite a range of items to inspire my own  Art Journaling.  Due to laptop problems (again!) this weekend my poor Raydori has not yet been started but this little pack is ready as well as the lovely bits and pieces sent via my ATC swap partner.
There was one link between the two envelopes and that was the fact they both  contained images of butterflies, so perhaps that might be my starting point.  I shall let you know when and how I use the Happpy Post in my new sketchbook.

If you like Art journaling and mat need a little inspiration then pop over to Jenniebellie's Etsy shop which is called Paperclayjunkie.  There is lots more to see.
Best wishes
Have a good week.

Friday, 5 September 2014

My New Raydori- What colour is it?

I have been looking for an alternative to carrying various sketchbooks.  Having had a Malden filofax for 18 months, and use it every day for work, I decided to head off to Philofaxy to get some ideas and then You tube and various websites.
I found myself visiting My Life All in One PLace and found the posts about the Midori travellers notebook, this then led me to  look at You tube to see how they were being used. I then thought that this style of notebook was ideal, being able to add notebooks and archive them when they were finished.  The price did put me off, not really knowing whether I would like it and then the colours did not really do it for me.  
I then discovered that Ray Blake could make them and I got in contact.Several emails later the above arrived.
Wrapped carefully in tissue paper.
A surprise pencil with a clear lid.  Love that!
Oh , sticker upside down, sorry so impressed with the new pencil you see.
Some scraps of leather which I had asked if I could have if possible and I shall do a future post on this.
I asked for a deep purple.....and I was not disappointed.  It is lovely and my picture does not really do the colour justice.  I have a purple Malden, well two actually but we shall say no more on that and yes they are both in full use.  
There is matching purple elastic to keep all of the book closed, two slim bookmarks and two black inside elastics
I also took the option of having my initials added to the front. The leather is the softest I have ever seen and the colour ....well!  I could have made one of these but I could not find the leather and you do need to get the positioning of the holes etc just right, and I basically did not trust myself.
Plus a plain papered notebook inside with a blue cover.
The paper isIdeal for painting and printing in plus gluing in images and adding creative ideas.
I just kept looking at it and then I was really good and wrapped it back up again.
Well I had lots of work to do for the day job and if I allowed myself to be distracted then I would never get it done.
But it is now the weekend and guess what I shall be doing?
I shall be setting it up and deciding how I am going to organise this book and it is going to be my on-the-go sketchbook and will be used for many areas of Art and textiles that I do.
I have bought some inserts which I want to decorate and I shall come back and show you how and what I have done.
I dare say that one day I shall buy a full blown Midori but not just yet.  I managed to sell my Brown Zippered Collins personal size filofax so that has paid for this, therefore I am sort of guilt free.
I shall have hours of fun with this and I thought I would start with adding to the blue notebook cover with some white paint, not sure what design just yet.
So, thank you very much Ray, it is gorgeous and I shall really enjoy using it, looking at it and treasuring it.
Do you use your Midori Travellers Notebook as a sketchbook, journal or scrapbook?  How did you make that first move to actually draw or paint in it?
Have a good weekend.

Wednesday, 3 September 2014

Crochet Dish Scrubbie Tutorial

 I have been wanting to have a go at making some of these for some time seeing as my dishcloths have proven to be so useful.  I looked at many examples on the internet and in the end I just made it up as I went along.
Tutorial - The Indigo Bluw way:
Hook: 5mm
!00% Cotton yarn suitable for Dishcloths and Crochet.
A nylon body wash cloth or ruffle sponge.
Large wool needle.
To make the two circles I used the tutorial  Flat Circle over at Attic 24 using Double crochet stitch ( I like to look of this stitch) and crocheted 4 rounds and that seemed a good size to hold.
I then took the body scrub cloth (which was part of a present but I found it much too harsh on my skin) and cut it up into 1cm strips.  I had to knot them together to get one long length of "yarn".
I then made another flat circle, as best as I could as this stuff is not easy to handle, with a few knots showing through.
I stopped when it was just a bit smaller than the white cotton circles.
I then sandwiched the nylon circles inbetween the cotton circles and pinned through all of the layers.
I was going to hand stitch then together but then I thought that crochng the edges would add a better edge.
I did use a slightly different stitch to Attis 24 as I wanted the holes to be bigger allowing the soap to flow round more easily and I used the same stitch to go through the top loops of both circles and join them together.
I then hand stitched in the ends of the yarn to finish off .  I also popped a couple of stitches through all of the layers in the centre just to stop the layers from moving arund too much.
A new addition to the dishcloth family.
I have enough to make another one.
This little exercise gave my hand the excercise it needed and used up a bit more of my yarn.
Hope this makes sense to you.
Take care.

Tuesday, 2 September 2014

Greece and Turkey - Part 2.

Crikey, September already!
Best get the last of the Holiday snaps done before Halloween is on the door step.
We are now back on the boat lounging on the shady decking, reading, drawing and just staring out across the water towards Bodrum.
To cheer Sophie up we organised her to have either her toe or hand nails done.  This is an organised activity and carried out by professionals. So I dropped her off at the beauty salon, signed , then went back for her an hour later.
Sophie picked a lovely colour, matching with much of her clothes this summer.  We then  added some nail art of our own a few days later.  I had bought some nail charm stickers from Asda.
All of the girls who attended were also given a pretty little hair clip which she wore in the evening when will a navy blue dress.  Goodness, my little girl certainly looked grown up.  Good in so many ways but for me I am just a little sorry to see my little Sophie gradually going.  Hope that makes sense.  She is a lovely girl.
 Below we are just trying it on for size.
 In the evening we found that our towels had been sculpted in to a lobster.  Now this was our first towel art due to Sophie being ill and there were several more through the week.
 Our next stop was Kusadasi.
 I have been to different countries with different approaches to buying and selling.  The hard sell here is not very nice and actually put us off.  We tended to go in shops w ere there were not  groups of men outside trying to hassle you in or shouting at you from the door ways.
 Whilst walking around we found this very decorative drinking fountain.
 Lovely tile design.

 Shopping area.
 A more modern version.
 Sophie in the sun and our boat, Thomson Majesty in the background.
The Turkish flag in the harbour by our ship, I should say.
 Yet another lovely fountain.  No sign of a hose pipe ban here despite the 49 degree heat.
Very green walk ways.
 Turkish carpets are world renowned and several carpet shops had ladies sat outside doing weaving demonstrations.  This lady agreed to a photograph.
Such an intricate design.  A small rug about the size of a door mat cost $600.00 USD!
I certainly could not afford that s I bought some book marks with traditional carpet designs on them.
This was my busman's holiday moment and this........................
 was my hubby's moment.  He is a boat surveyor.
Local area as seen from the ship.
Lovely scenery, by this time we are back on the ship and spending lazy time on the shady decking.
We found our new friend when we got back to our cabin just hang'in around. 
By Sophie is starting to feel much better and even managed a decent dinner.
The next day we were off to Athens.
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