Tuesday, 6 June 2017

Community Pom Pom World Record Challenge and The Big Lunch 2017

The reason for all of the Pom Pom making is that my local community were trying to break the world record for the longest Pom Pom garland which was held by Australia.

This was in conjunction with The Big Lunch 2017.

In the end a total of 8,200 pom poms were made and strung together for display on the day of the Big Lunch.  Unfortunately was not able to go but if you are on Facebook there are lots and lots of pictures to see.  HERE The pictures are not mine from the day so not posting here even though they are on FB.  If I can then I will add them.

It was great fun and an excellent way for me to recuperated from my operation.
Wonder what we will do next year?

Many thanks for the recent comments on this blog as well.

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