Tuesday, 27 December 2016

My Swap items from Kim

After having spent ages looking on my phone for these pictures I discovered that they were actually on my camera!
Kim managed to "stuff" an amazing amount in her cracker swap and put me to shame really.  I will need to brush up on this skill for 2017!

Several handmade felt tree decorations which will be added to my special box of felt decorations that i have collected over the years through blog swaps such as this.
Sewing needles which I am in need of .  A candle which we have have already used and it smelt lovely. Some sewing threads which I shall keep for a special project.

Great polar bear fabric, ribbon to wrap it all up in and a knitted cowl/snood in lilac.  Lovely gifts all in a kitchen roll!

Many thanks Kim and this is definitely a swap that I shall do again. 

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