Thursday, 7 January 2016

Christmas Card swap 2015

Last Christmas Sarah  (Twiggypeasticks) and I decided to do a little card swap together.  So why not do it again for a second year?
Above is the cross stitch and felt card that Sarah sent me....but there is a doubles up as a Christmas Tree decoration!

The colours go with our colour scheme and I think it is a brilliant idea which i think I might pinch for next year.

Of course I needed to send a card too and .......
..............I have forgotten which one I embarrassing!  I made the set shown above and only these (I really must start much earlier).
So we both had the same technique idea.

I like using hessian and jute  fabrics and combining it with loose linen fabric I thought it made a good change from glitter and sequins.

My new decoration has now been added to my collection of handmade tree decs that have been sent to me by blogger friends since 2008.

Many thanks I love them all and this year for the first time I used them to decorate my classroom and they generated quite a bit of interest!.

Quite glad it is Friday tomorrow been a very long week and my poor old eyes have really felt the strain this week.

Take Care


Peg - Happy In Quilting said...

These are awesome 💖Xx

Jo@awholeplotoflove said...

It is a lovely card & I do like the set you've made too. I'm starting to make my Christmas cards for this year - only a few for those that will appreciate them. Thanks for the comment on my post I love that you were able to inspire someone to become a teacher xx

Twiggy said...

I'm so pleased you like it Andrea, I love our little swaps. I love the card you sent me I have packed it away with my Christmas decs and intend to frame it and hang it on the wall next Christmas.
You sent me the lovely Christmas tree design, it made me laugh when Twiglet said it looked like one of the spaceships from Star Wars!!
Saying that though, I stitched another decoration for a friend from the same design range I made for you. It was a pair of mittens on a string and she thought they were boxing gloves lol !!
Happy New Year
Twiggy xxx

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