Friday, 22 May 2015

Image Transfer Tutorial

It has been quite a while since I have put a tutorial on my blog so I thought I would add something that I did with my GCSE group this week.
Image Transfer using an inkjet image and sellotape.

Materials needed:
Image which has been printed out using an inkjet printer (not laser jet).

1. Firstly you need to trim down any excess white paper so that yo are not wasting sellotape and time rubbing off areas you are not going to need.  Next cover the front of your image with a layer of sellotape.  Make sure that the edges overlap slightly and check that the image is well and truly stuck to it.  I actually left it stuck to the table while I went and had my dinner!
Next I submerged the image under water.  As you can see I used the sink for this.  I left it for a couple of minutes and judging this time takes a bit of practise.  If you then rub the back of the paper and it seems to some off then take the image out of the water.  Try to rub in a circular motion as this evens out the pressure and you will not rub too hard and take your image off as well.
As the paper backing starts to rub away you should see the image left behind which has transfered to the sellotape.  It will be quite transparent.  If the paper seems to be drying out them add a few drops of water to the paper to continue to rub away the paper backing.
I hope that you can see this alright.  I have put the still damp image up against the glass of my patio windows and the light is showing through.  
The image has really kept its colour and I do not have any holes in the image at all.
All of the students who tried this all got equally successful outcomes.  You can still see the sellotape but i suppose you could turn the image around.  If you put on top of water soluble fabric then you could free machine embroider on to it.  This technique is very easy and would be ideal for transferring photographs (after they have been scanned and printed on an inkjet printer) and scrapbooking/art journaling.
Sophie was really impressed and we are going to see what else we come up with during the half term break.
Have a go!
Let me know if you have any success or if you have any questions.

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Jo@awholeplotoflove said...

Very interesting, I've seen something similar in a magazine recently & have wondered about giving it a go! x

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