Wednesday, 1 April 2015

Branching Out- Creative Monthly Challenge Group -March

Creative Monthly Challenge with Jennibellie for March was Branching Out and this time I was determined to finish it in the right month!  
So on Monday I did a little housework (well it had been staring at me since Friday) and then rewarded myself with a couple of hours putting the above Art Journal page together.
I started by adding a sheet of tissue paper with text on it then a layer of Gesso which i moved around with a damp cloth.
I needed to get some more brown paint after using most of mine up for my A level exam (can not believe it is nearly a year ago since I did that).  I was certain about the background but not so sure after that so I decided to get out a cheap sketchbook and do a bit of doodling.
I felt that some sort of tree was needed as I felt that was the right thing to do but not what it looked like.  I came with a couple of ideas and then moulded a couple of them together.
I wanted to use my Midori Travellers Notebook for this challenge and when it is opened up it is nearly square in shape.

I lightly drew on the tree and painted it with brown acrylic.  Sponged on some blue in the background, making sure that some of the Gesso and text tissue paper showed through.  I added words along the branches with a fineliner to journal my own link to the challenge and added both water colours paint, soft pastels and oil pastels to give further detail.  These were are linked to the additional changes and challenges that my day job has included this year.
Not all of it shows up in the photograph and I nearly forgot that I added some skeleton leaves which I had in my sewing room for some time and I added texture by running pastel along the veins.  White pencil to lift the brown areas and at this point I decided to stop as the voices started to say "stop before you ruin it...." began to kick in.  Does anyone else get those voices?

I am really pleased with this and whilst doing a load of washing etc during the making it took about two hours which is pretty quick for me.
I wonder what next month's challenge will be?
I really want to make the Flag that was one of the tasks for the Birthday Bash on Inspiration Station but I was away visiting and did not have anything with me.  Wonder if it is too late?
Thank you for visiting.


Jill Eudaly said...

Your tree turned out lovely. Yes, I hear the voice that says, stop! but do I listen??? always sorry when I don't listen. From my blog, Yes, the maple sap does smell wonderful while it is boiling. It smells sweet and I think it tastes and smells like crème brulee.

Ali said...

I absolutely love, love, love your tree. It looks beautiful and so inspiring. I am on catch up as I've had no laptop. Have a lovely Easter.
Ali xx

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