Sunday, 8 March 2015

My latest Read.

It does seem to take me ages to read a book at the moment but yesterday i finally finished "A week in Winter" by Maeve Binchy.
I like these books as they are easy to put down and pick up and you still remember where you got to and what has happened so far.  They feature what I call real situations and people that could easily be living next door to you.  There is some humour, tragedy and surprises in each book. 
This book has a more complicated start to it that sets it up for the latter stages of the book but centres around a woman who sets up a holiday house and looks at the very first week of opening and the guests that book.  The life and background of each visitor and how they came to book their week away is studied as the book moves on.  it is very cleverly done and all makes complete sense.
I really enjoyed this book and would recommend picking it up at the library or a local book stall which is where I bought this copy.

Right at the very end there is a series of black and white photographs which link to some of the scenery described within the book which is a nice touch.
I really good read in the evening after a long day.
So what is next?
Well my SIL partner has just passed on a copy of 
WolfHall which is where the recent series is based upon.  it is about 2 inches thick and I dread to think how long it will take me to read but I shall be starting it this afternoon after I have completed some work for the day job.
Have a lovely Sunday!

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Ali said...

It's years since I picked up a Maeve Binchy book. I used to really enjoy them. I'm going to have to take up your recommendation and keep my eyes peeled for this one. Good luck with Wolf Hall. A thick book is always daunting unless you can't put it down.
Have a lovely week.
Ali xx

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