Tuesday, 17 February 2015

Print Class - Etching

I want to go back to the Samsung post I put up today to explain the Dragon Fly image.
Last week we had a session on Etch Printing and the previous weeks wood carving turned out OK (not posted about those yet) but I was a little disappointed with the design I had created.  I felt that in the end it was a little "safe".
So when we were told we would be creating and Etch design on a piece of A6 aluminium I decided I  wanted to try something more.
I have been given a birthday card with some painted Dragon flies on it and thought....Yes!
Aluminium Plate (Copyright Indigoblue)
The plate is warmed on a hotplate and whilst it is there hardground is added to the surface and spread out using a roller.
Then using a scribe we added out chosen design fee hand.
I decided to base my idea on this card but arranged it as I wanted to and tried to use as much of the plate as possible.  The hardground is brown so as you scratch in the design the silver aluminium shows through so it is much easier to see.
Once the design is complete gloves are then put on so that the plate can be carefully added to a tray of mordant with will etch away the exposed aluminium and leave the areas where the Hardground is still covering the metal.
It is quite fascinating to watch and we could see why the gloves were needed.
You can see the finished plate above.  What I also like about these plates and that of the Intaglio we did last term, is that you can re-use them and you have a record of your work.
Clear print on Fabriano paper
I then created a series of prints using Fabriano paper which needs to be soaked and dried first before putting through the roller press.
Brown parcel paper
I did try one on brown paper which did come out a bit pale.  I was told I should have soaked the paper but I thought being much thinner, that this paper would fall apart.  Well I have decided to try and add some paint to this one and see what I can do to improve it.
A little darker with this print.
Each print comes out slightly different even though you think you are doing the same thing every time.  I have yet to lay the paper straight on the plate each time although I think it moves a bit when it goes through the press!  I really like these and they have more content that my wood cuts which roved to be easier to carve then I was expecting.  I would like to try again with that if I can find some wood from a fruit tree. 
I have really enjoyed this course and I have learnt so much.  I wish I could afford to give up work and go back to college!!  Do you think my Hubby would notice?

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Indigo Blue said...

Moved on to acid mordant etching with a new design. I will try and update each time we try a new technique.

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