Monday, 23 February 2015

ATC - Colour Me Blue

Before we went away for a few days last week I needed to make some ATC cards for the February challenge with Blissfull ATC Swaps.
I added colour to some cards using Aqua crayons and then dribbled water to make the colour run.
I love using these and they look great on cotton fabric.
Once the colour had dried I looked at them and I could "see" trees in each of the blots left behind.  So I decided to go with it and see what happened.  The above card has tissue paper and machine stitching in the foreground.  White pen and watercolours to give a type of blue wood scene.
This ATC has machine stitching on the tree trunk and grass in the foreground.  More pen used in this design and the white pen enhanced the branches.  I did use a slightly darker pen on this card as well due to the quite light colour when it dried.  I could see that tree though.
With this ATC I added some pale blue mulberry paper on the top of the tree to add some variety but to also increase the texture with this design.
More free machine stitching and watercolour paints.
These ATC's are very very different to what I usually do and all the while I was making them I really liked them but I was also worried that they would turn out awful.  I made them all at the same time try and make them link more in appearance.
They remind me of book illustrations where the woods or forrest's are given a colour scheme to add to the story.  Such as a cold, snowy wood.  Am I making sense here?  Possibly not and I have just looked through some of my daughters books to find an example but I have not been able to track one down quickly.  Typical.
Anyway, I hope that you like them and more importantly, I hope that my swap partner likes them as they are on their way to America!
Not sure if I shall enter next month as March is a pretty hectic month.  I did follow this up with a journal page as well which I shall save for tomorrow.
Have a lovely evening and take care, weather is pretty wild in the UK at the moment.


Joanne Wilson said...

They are very pretty, a lovely effect x

Brynwood Needleworks said...

They're beautiful, Andrea! Someone is going to be thrilled to receive them.

Ali said...

You make total sense to me. They remind me very much of something you would find in a fairy tale book. The different blue shades really give the impression of cold and ice.
Ali xx

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