Sunday, 25 January 2015

OPAM 2015

I have signed up for OPAM 2015 and I think this is my fourth year of being involved.  The idea is that you try and finish those UFOs lying around, maintain some motivation (that is my aim) and just being involved with a project.  I try to complete at least one item a month and some months I manage quite a bit more than that.
I was not very good at actually posting what I made on a regular basis in 2014 and this year I will try and do better on that score.  I used to do a round up at the end of the month, but I no longer use Picassa as I did  use their collage option which enabled me to put lots of pictures together otherwise the posts can be longer than anyone want to read.
I have decided to start logging my finishes straight away otherwise I shall forget or lose the pictures.
First up is a scarf made using some frilly wool.  Sophie was given a set of needles and this wool for Christmas and she made a start on it.  Then she injured her hand and asked if I could finish it for her.  She had only knitted three rows so I think this still counts.  
She loves it and has worn it to school.
Next up is...............
...some shoes bags which I have made before.  I have used a pair of  old cotton PJ bottoms to make them.  I cut off the bottom half of the leg and stitch along that cut line.  Turn the leg/bag the other way up and put drawstring through what had been the hem of the trousers. 

 There is a natural slot to put the ribbon or piping cord through using a safety pin.
I made two to use on holiday last August and never got around to making these.  Sophie now wants some so I shall have to see what I have in my recycling box which is a small selection of clothes which might not be suitable for the charity bag but could be Recycled in some other way even if it is only as dusters or car cleaning cloths.
Finally, and I can only give a little peek of this finish as the recipient has not received it yet, is my entry for the 2015 Initial Heart swap.
This months makes so far seem to be rather pinky looking, I think ?
I have made progress on my crochet blanket, firstly by unpicking everything! - changing the hook size then making them all up again but it does look better.
Need to do some work for the day job then I am going to see what time it is and maybe do a little more crochet, after the vacuuming of course!
Happy Sunday to all.

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Peg - Happy In Quilting said...

Wow .....fantastic start love that scarf xxx

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