Sunday, 7 December 2014

Print Evening Class 2 - Monotype.

I am a little late with this today due to having to do some work for the day job.  Not been able to complete an Art Journal page this week either,  but nearly done it.
So I am posting about some of the prints that I did as part of  my
 evening class.  I will be honest that I do not like all of them and some of them were definitely more unsuccessful than others, but once it goes in that press there is no going back!
 We started this session with Mono type and inked up small plates with ink into which we then drew designs.  Then I put a piece of paper over the top then rubbed over the back with a wooden spoon.  Yes you did read that right, it is called burnishing.
Again, I added marks and shapes in to a plate that had two inks applied to it.  With this print some areas turned out better than others.  The really think lines did not show up but in the flesh this print does look more eye catching but I did try and remember to make sure lines were thick enough to be seen after printing.
Then moved on to using an image.  The plate is inked up and a plain piece of paper is put on the ink and an image is placed gently on top of than. Carefully with a pencil, trace over the image so that an imprint is left on the plain paper below.  I used burnt sienna ink with the image above.
The print above is created with black ink.
It took all evening to print these designs.  It is the preparation of each print that takes the time plus waiting your turn at the press!
I am very pleased with all of these but I feel that the Burnt Sienna flower is my personal favourite print at this stage.
At this stage, my print collection was starting to grow so I decided to start putting them all in a sketchbook.
Eye-cathcing, isn't it?

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Ali said...

I love reading about this process. It sounds like something that you would have to just concentrate on and forget about everything else. Your sketchbook certainly was a burst of colour at the end of that post.
Ali xx

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