Wednesday, 19 November 2014

Softie- Felt Bear for Flybe

Part of an earlier order was to create one of my felt bears but with a Flybe uniform.  Well this turned out to be quite a challenge and rather fun to do!

The jacket was the really hard bit here, especially the sleeves and I think that I am going to need to alter the pattern slightly to accommodate ideas such as these.
I kept in contact with my customer and made sure that I got the uniform colours right because if you Goggle Fly be uniform there appears to be more than one option.
He is cute and I was rather sorry to see him go. I now have another bear order with a different outfit.  
I did make some girl bears about 2 years ago but it is defiantly male versions that are most popular.  The felt bears are not toys but for much older children or softies collectors.  They are really fun to make and Sophie would now like one with  Hogwarts school uniform!
Any way this little chap is now on Guernsey and I think is going to be given as a Christmas present.
This order also included a mini ipad cover as well.
I made this with double layers of felt with a fleece interfacing to add strength .  It is used as a dust cover and needed to go over an ipad with one of those roller style overs.  My hubby happens to have one so I modelled it on his and then followed my customers specification.  heaps of fun to make this ans it was sent off along with the bear.
As I said, things have picked up gradually and it has been a pleasure to make all of the items that  Ihave shown you over the coming week.
I have now completed my Santa Sack swap items and I intend on sending it on Saturday.  Sorry no photographs until after my partner has opened it!  Drat but those are the rules and it would be awful to ruin the surprise.  I wanted to also do Chookyblues Christmas swap but I do not like spreading myself too thinly so I may do that next year instead.  
Well it has been a very busy and rather mixed week so take care and I hope to have some posts with a different theme later this week.


Joanne Wilson said...

He is such a cute bear, I'm sure it will be well received. I declined to join other Christmas swaps for the same reason, at times it's hard finding the right balance. I will post your parcel Saturday morning too, as soon as the post office opens. The package is glaring at me each time I walk past it.

Jill Eudaly said...

What a sweet bear. Your hard work paid off, well done!

Twiggy said...

What a cute bear, your work is lovely

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