Tuesday, 11 November 2014

Remembrance Day

Last year I bought a knitted poppy created buy a friend of a colleague at work.  I kept this in the back of my mind for a year and this year I decided to put my donation in the collection jar but not take a paper poppy but in fact make my own.
I thought that in keeping with my 2014 pledge to crochet more that I would use that technique and of course not copy the lady whom I bought last years poppy from.
So I used up the Red chunky wool left overs from making my infinity scarf last winter and then stitched in some black wool in the centre.  I did think about adding a leaf but I thought against it.
For Sophie's blazer I made a mini version out of double knitting wool and attached to the lapel with a pin on the back.
Sophie then went and handed in a donation at the school reception.  She has asked if she could wear it next year and just put her money in the collection jar again.

I was going to perhaps make more of this next year with my Textiles Club and perhaps my tutor group as well because they have commented on my hand made poppy.  They are not into crochet so I thought perhaps a lovely red felt and a black button or brad might be a good tutor group activity whereby more thought goes into the Poppy itself and then we will add a donation to the collection jar.

We have  carried out a lot of activities today plus getting the youngsters to think about what it all means and why.  I watched the Remembrance Festival at the Royal Albert Hall at the weekend with Sophie is old enough this year to really understand what it is all about.

The ceramic poppies at the Tower of London have been breath-taking.  Such a poignant idea and has really captured the Nation.  Some of my friends have been able to go to London to actually see them and have said that you can not really put it into words when they have them in real life.

I think that the 100 years anniversary has been justly recognised and thought provoking at a time when there is such unrest in certain parts of the world.
Take care


Joanne Wilson said...

Lovely post & I've enjoyed seeing peoples interpretations on handmade poppies. I stuck with my paper poppy this year but the felt ones planned for your group for next year sound wonderful.

Ali said...

Your crochet poppy looks lovely and I think felting ones sound wonderful. I always have a paper one(which I always lose) but I think just donating and making my own would be a lovely idea. The display at the Tower of London looks breath taking and really makes you think about all those lives lost.
Ali xx

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