Wednesday, 5 November 2014

A sign of Winter

I took a group of Art textiles students to Heligan for a field trio to create first hand drawings and take photographs for their current project.
I was standing by the Italian pond and happened to look down.
See who was watching us, perhaps hoping that we had some food perhaps.
I remember seeing a Robin for the first time as a child and loving them straight away with their bright red chests.
I also remember much colder winters and Kent was prone to bitter winds, rain and snow in the winter months and these bright little birds stood out in the gloomy surroundings.
I thought he had gone and then..................
I was really pleased with both of these pictures and he seemed very keen to have his picture taken as it took me some time to crouch down (hip not good that day) and take time to get it pretty much in focus.
He is a very well rounded little chap and all of the students were fascinated by him and all thought he was very cute.  It was lovely to see teenagers impressed by the nature around them on that day.

We spent the rest of the day in the pouring rain trying to keep our paper and cameras dry and at the same time create some work to take back to school and put in their sketchbooks.
Some how we actually managed to do just that but I have not been so cold and wet since the  awful trip to St Ives when I think we had some of the worst coastal weather ever to hit the area that particular year!  I was soaked right through to the bones that day.
We timed it just right to see the marvellous pumpkin display ready for Halloween.  I never realised just how many different kinds there are!
There were many different elements to the display including some dried flowers.  The theme of the project is Close Up , hence the zoomed in pictures.  These are all my photographs which I take to add to my lessons and visual resources.
I always hope that one day I will have a picture that I feel is worthy of entering into the annual Country File Photographic Competition which raises money for Children in Need..........well may be one day.
Anyway I digress.
Lots of brightly coloured vegetables. 
Lots and lots of lovely plants looking green and healthy after the spot of rain we had.
Plenty of bright colour to be seen in many of the flower beds in the walled garden.
It was a hard working but good day had by all and the work produced since has been fantastic!
Best wishes


Ali said...

All your photos are wonderful but I do think the top one of the robin deserves a prize. It looks amazing just posing there. It was lovely to hear your students enjoyed the joys of nature. I hope they all got lots of sketching done despite the pesky rain.
Ali xx

Joanne Wilson said...

I like seeing robins in my garden, they are such lively little birds.

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