Tuesday, 2 September 2014

Greece and Turkey - Part 2.

Crikey, September already!
Best get the last of the Holiday snaps done before Halloween is on the door step.
We are now back on the boat lounging on the shady decking, reading, drawing and just staring out across the water towards Bodrum.
To cheer Sophie up we organised her to have either her toe or hand nails done.  This is an organised activity and carried out by professionals. So I dropped her off at the beauty salon, signed , then went back for her an hour later.
Sophie picked a lovely colour, matching with much of her clothes this summer.  We then  added some nail art of our own a few days later.  I had bought some nail charm stickers from Asda.
All of the girls who attended were also given a pretty little hair clip which she wore in the evening when will a navy blue dress.  Goodness, my little girl certainly looked grown up.  Good in so many ways but for me I am just a little sorry to see my little Sophie gradually going.  Hope that makes sense.  She is a lovely girl.
 Below we are just trying it on for size.
 In the evening we found that our towels had been sculpted in to a lobster.  Now this was our first towel art due to Sophie being ill and there were several more through the week.
 Our next stop was Kusadasi.
 I have been to different countries with different approaches to buying and selling.  The hard sell here is not very nice and actually put us off.  We tended to go in shops w ere there were not  groups of men outside trying to hassle you in or shouting at you from the door ways.
 Whilst walking around we found this very decorative drinking fountain.
 Lovely tile design.

 Shopping area.
 A more modern version.
 Sophie in the sun and our boat, Thomson Majesty in the background.
The Turkish flag in the harbour by our ship, I should say.
 Yet another lovely fountain.  No sign of a hose pipe ban here despite the 49 degree heat.
Very green walk ways.
 Turkish carpets are world renowned and several carpet shops had ladies sat outside doing weaving demonstrations.  This lady agreed to a photograph.
Such an intricate design.  A small rug about the size of a door mat cost $600.00 USD!
I certainly could not afford that s I bought some book marks with traditional carpet designs on them.
This was my busman's holiday moment and this........................
 was my hubby's moment.  He is a boat surveyor.
Local area as seen from the ship.
Lovely scenery, by this time we are back on the ship and spending lazy time on the shady decking.
We found our new friend when we got back to our cabin just hang'in around. 
By Sophie is starting to feel much better and even managed a decent dinner.
The next day we were off to Athens.

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