Saturday, 20 September 2014

Crochet Inspiration

I am hoping that by the end of the year I may have my own version of this............
There is many gorgeous examples of granny square blankets all over the Internet and the two other crochet blankets I have made are used a lot and I am sure a third will fit in very well.
helens colourful crochet
Choosing a colour combination was always going to be a problem.
My daughter would love me to make one like this.
However after months of trying to decide I have finally decided that the colours below
that I used for my bag appealed the most.
So I popped over to Attic24 and then ended up clicking on the wool link that she has for wool combinations that Wool Warehouse has devised based on her projects and I bought this.
I have not fully unwrapped it yet as I do not want the wool getting dusty before I have started.
I appreciate that this is not a very styled or elegant picture but with a cat in the house who rather likes wool I think you would agree that the plastic wrapping needs to stay on!
During my Internet trawl I did find other granny blankets which caught my eye.
Espcially this one which was made by Jade and whose web address is no longer sitting by my chair.  I really should stop trying to tidy up.
She made it for her husband and Jade says it has a 1970's feel about it.  I like the black edging a so some black wool was also purchased, but I do think that I shall be needing some more.
So this is my Autumn/Winter project in the evening when I can no longer see the sewing machine for the Santa Sack Swap and will be portable enough to take to my MIL or away at half term.  It is a long term project but seeing as my finger is almost back to normal ( I have another follow up appointment) I am hoping that crochet will give it a bit of low level exercise as well.
I think I shall do 5 colour rounds and then a black round and maybe 15 x 15 squares in size but I shall have to wait and see.
I know need to have a go at a tension/size square just to make sure.
Lovely weather outside so I am going to sit under the umbrella after I have finished keeping an eye on Sophie while she makes some buns and enjoy this lovely September that we having.
Have a lovely weekend and hopefully I shall be back tomorrow.


Twiggy said...

Good luck, great colour choice, I think edging with black is very striking
Twiggy x

Ali said...

Oh so many blankets and so little time :) I can't wait to hear about your progress and see the finished blanket. I know what your talking about with the cat hairs. We have a dog and a cat and the hairs drive me insane. Have a great week.
Ali xx

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