Sunday, 24 August 2014

Santa Sack Swap

I have just realised that I have not blogged about signing up for this years Santa Sack Swap.  I must pop the badge in my side bar as well.
My partner is Jo and we have been emailing for some months now.  I have started my minimum of 5 items before my hand operation but since then nothing I am afraid.  I tried to do some sewing last night and it really did not like it.  Even though I am using the thumb and index finger mainly it is all connected right through all 5 fingers so the sharp pain runs across the whole hand I reluctantly stopped and went back to Youtube again.  
However, I do have a list of what I am making (some items are done) and of what extras I want to send as Jo is in the UK therefore postage is not a massive issue.
It is my Mum's birthday tomorrow and in a way that has always signified the near end of summer and thoughts will start to go to festive things.  I would like to enter Chookyblue's swap too but due to time I may have to give that a miss this year and go next year instead.  I really did enjoy that and my swap partner Kris, was very generous. Her work has hung up ion my kitchen all year as it is red but not obviously seasonal.  Love it.

Hubby has been working in the garden today as I found some large daisy plants at Duchy Cornwall Nurseries last Sunday and due to everything we only got round to planing them today, but hubby has added to the edging to blend it with the decking etc.  It is raining now so I shall take photos another time. I was so leased when I found them as they will add to those kindly sent to me by Wendy.  I bought my MIL one as well.
This evening I am going to watch the next episode of The Village and try to cut out some felt as I am one of those odd lefthanders that use scissor in their right hand, and see how it goes.  I really am getting a bit cold turkey with the lack of evening crafting!  I hope that I do not sound wimpy but the stuff they put in my finger does not fully harden for 6 weeks and I have not really had any advice on how much I can oush the use of it.
I have had a follow up appointment date for 5th September which is ages away yet.  Need to go back to work before then so there is the issue of driving and the gear stick and handbrake.  Might have to ring someone next week  asI do not want to snap or damage the hard work that has been put into sorting it out.

I have  placed and order for my winter evening project but it has not arrived yet and I will explain more about that too once it arrives.  Itching to get started on it and stick with it thoughtout until the end of term.

Today I have managed to complete a lesson plan project overview and emailed it off to my line manager so not  too bad a day at all really.  Might need to swap my flip flops for slippers in the evening, a bit of a nip in the air this week and I hate having cold feet!
Take care

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