Friday, 29 August 2014

Loom Bands Meets Crochet

Now I know that there is a bit of a link between this summers craze of Loom Bands and crochet.  They both use a hook, use links to hold yarn/bands together, the work can grow buy adding loops and links to make a wide variety of things.  However I  do not quite get the Loom Band bit.  My daughter has made all sorts of things that look really weird stretched out on her loom Band gadget (think O'level biology dissection lessons), then she takes them off and it suddenly turns into a snake or butterfly or something.  A bit like magic and Sophie has proven to be really good and I mean really good at Loom banding.  She has used You tube to learn how to follow visual instructions and to use the Internet to learn something.
I do feel it has a bit of a link with knitting, french knitting and even macrame to a certain degree.
Anyway,  on Tuesday Sophie showed me some pencil covers she had made and asked if a cover for one of my crochet hooks might be an idea.  You can buy hook handle covers to ease your hands and make the hooks more comfortable to hold so this seemed like a good idea.
Within minutes Sophie had made me a crochet hook cover using some Loom Bands that I had bought from The Range.  I did not realise they were scented I just liked the colour.   I bought them to have a go with, well I thought we could make some things at my after school Textiles Club along with the Scoubie threads.
So I tried out the newly covered hook  (carefully with hand) and it is actually pretty darn good!!
In fact it was so good I asked Sophie to make another cover for my most used hook.  She made them the full length of the hook but you could stop at any point.  I do need to slide it back to double check the hook size but that is no big problem.  
Sophie was delighted to have made something for me (slushy Mummy moment) and I gave her the spare bands.  Has to be the fastest time span between buying and using up something ever.  About 48 hours!
So if you have a Loom Band crazed child in your house (meant in the nicest way) and you crochet then give it a try, it can always be taken apart if you do not like it.

Since Tuesday I have done some more crochet and I shall show you what I have done next time.  Plus my holiday snaps need an airing before the time has really past.
If you do take up the crochet hook Loom challenge send me a picture or put a link in the comment and we can all pop over and take a look.
Take Care

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Toffeeapple said...

She is a bit of a whizz with those bands, your Sophie. What a clever thing to make. I don't have any young people around to make anything and I haven't even done any crocheting for a couple of years - must make a start.

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