Wednesday, 27 August 2014

ATC's swap - Happy Post arrived!

I do not get much in the way of happy post these days.  I was also waiting for several things to happen hence no post since Sunday, then all of a sudden 4 possibilities arise!
In a recent post I explained that I wanted to make more ATC's and the previous groups that I have joined were either badly organised or I never received the Artist Trading Cards in return.  However I have join Blissful Atc Swap Group and today I received some cards from my swap partner Sandra.
Before you even open anything there is a lovely blue envelop which has stamping on it and in the top right hand corner another special type of stamp.
Love this stamp made for the Royal Visit this year.
Inside a card which has been hand painted and stamped.  This lady has talent!  When you open it up.......... is a display card which protects the cards in the post.
Why oh why did I not think of this?
I have bought ATC cards in mini envelopes which I have stuck together to prevent them from moving around and getting damaged, to be fair that is all I have ever received until today.  this is a clever and much better idea.  I may have to pinch and adapt this idea for my next set of cards.  I have an idea which I will make sure is not a copy of this.  Lovely isn't it.
The cards are lovely and just my sort of thing.  Lovely colours.  The title for this Swap of August was Monochromatic.
Love red and Russian dolls.Lovely design and the edging has been cut out of individual pieces. this card looks just like the frames on my new (but can not get on with them)glasses.  They are purple and have black line drawings of butterflies on them!  Purple is fast becoming my favourite coloo9ur but I am not abandoning blue, after all, what would happen to Indigo Blue?
The cards have been stamped, stitched, collages, drawn, painted and put together beautifully.
I lovely note on cute owl paper.
Plus some fun postcards.  Now I was not sure what to do about this as my last swap group only sent cards so I feel a bit guilty that I did not add anything, however I have an idea to rectify that later in the year.  I dithered and did not add anything, now I wish I had.
Then some cute bits and bobs that Sandra thought I might be able to use.  The top right bits I am sure have been hand drawn by the lady herself.
Absolutely lovely swap and I have learnt a lot and creating a new template for details to stick on the back (I did have one but I think that went out along with my last laptop) of each card is something I need to do.  I add the details but Sandra's look more professional.
So thank you very much Sandra, a very talented and generous lady, who made my day today.
I have sent her cards and I shall post about them once they have arrived.  My hand was  bandaged when I made them and I did the best I could.  I am pleased with the cards themselves but writing on the back........hmm.  It is the front that matters..right?
I have sent an email to take part in the September Swap Which is Stamps and I just need confirmation on that.    Then I shall probably miss a month due to the new school term which is always hectic and I have the Santa Sack Swap to concentrate on.  Then I have my eye on the end of year  swap theme.

Five minutes after this arrived there was a knock at the door and my wool was on the door step, along with a rather soggy postman,  for my Autumn project but it is still packaged up as I have been too distracted with Sandra's work.
More on that next time.


WendyCarole said...

How lovely. it is always nice to get Happy Post :)

Indianna said...

They are gorgeous, sounds like you found a good swap group. Swaps can be so hit and miss.

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