Sunday, 22 June 2014

Home grown - Summer Flowers

Ever since visiting Hardy's cottage as part of the National Trust many years ago, I have always wanted to try and have a cottage style garden with lots of flowers which are suitable for cutting and having indoors.
Well finally this year I have grown some pinks that are now ready for cutting. I added the plants last summer and left it as much as possible and this year they have gone mad and I cut the above this afternoon.

I have also planted some other plants this year which will not really flower properly until next year.  I have added many that are bee friendly which should help my apple trees as well.  We have painted the house this last half term and sorted out some other little jobs in the garden so that hopefully if we have a nice summer we can  sit outside and enjoy it.
Today it has been very hot, in the shade it was 29 degrees and 40+ in the sun so under an umbrella I was marking and it made it go much more happily.
Tomorrow I need to put some plants in that I bought this  weekend but I wanted to give them a thorough water first due to the hot weather.
So another week at work but it is now the 2 week countdown before our school trip to Spain with 46 students and 6 staff!
Watch this space.
Hope you all had the lovely weekend that Cornwall was able to enjoy.
Take care.


Joanne Wilson said...

Your flowers look great, I had planned to grow carnations this year but never got round to it. The weather has been fabulous here too & long may it continue!

Peg - Happy In Quilting said...


Jill Eudaly said...

I don't think we can grow carnations here outdoors. I don't know anyone who does. Our yard is a jungle that my husband has been working hard to tame. Hot weather and rain, rain, rain make everything, including weeds, grow, grow, grow!

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