Saturday, 24 May 2014

Textiles Trip to Eden

Yesterday I took my Year 10 group to the Eden Project as part of their current project.  Wednesday was a gorgeous day, the closest we have got to a lovely balmy day.  As for Thursday......torrential rain and wind!
So off we went and we managed to get from the mini bus to the Biome and as we literally passed through the door the rain came down so hard it was bouncing back up just as fast.
So we started off in the Jungle Biome and it gave the students a chance to do the tasks they were set and for me to get some pictures for next year and to try out my new camera.
It was so hot in there I do hope I lost a few ounces!
This visit I saw flowers and plants that I had not seen on previous occasions.
Love this flower and could see this as a textile piece with wrapped cords and a printed background.
Photographing the signs helps as I can never remember what anything is once I get home.
This leaf is a lovely shape.
Now for some colour.

I have not seen this lovely flower before and it is quite large.  Gorgeous colour and just close enough to take a picture.

This photograph does not do this plant justice at all.  The colours are stunning.

Lots of pictures were taken and lovely drawings were created.
The next stage is to develop everything further with samples in stitch, fabric and fibres to name just a few options.
What did you do today?


andrea said...

Lovely photos!! x

Ali said...

The Eden project is on my wish list of places to visit. What a lovely opportunity for the students. The plants look so unusual and I can image they will inspire some wonderful designs. Have a lovely week.
Ali xx

Lynne said...

Super photographs! And yes, I can see some great textiles developing out of them, what a brilliant excursion!

I have spent the morning recovering from having our emails hacked - what wouldn't I like to do to these miscreants! And the afternoon feverishly trying to finish something for Open Studios,

Lynn said...

How beautiful! Glad you had a nice trip. I have been away for a while, but I am back!

Love ya!

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