Wednesday, 16 April 2014

OPAM April - Cushion Sample

Just before the start of the Easter holidays I was given quite a few metres of good quality curtain fabric and I thought that this might be a good chance for my textiles club to have a go at making a cushion cover.  If they can bring in the cushion pad then they can make the cover to fit.
I have found with experience that it is better to have a sample to show what the material can look like.
So on Tuesday I quickly rustled up this cushion.
This picture gives you an idea of the fabric.
I used the existing cover to create the dimensions as I did use this cushion to display corsages and brooches at craft fairs.
I decided to create a simple pinwheel by using the front panel of the old cover and dividing it into 4 then adding a seam allowance all the way round which I then cut into a triangle and I measured it directly on to the fabric.  I added some cream cotton as a contrast.
I then used one of the built in stitches on my machine to add some detail and help to keep the seams flat.
 I felt that the centre of the cushion needed a little something and I do have one of these Yo Yo or Suffolk Puff makers.  I thought that some of the students could add these if they liked them.
I have made Yo Yo's without one of these for years but it does enable you to make them all the same size and it is a bit less fiddly.
Found an odd wooden button in my sewing box and stitched the whole lot in the centre of the front panel.  Hides any misalignment of the patchwork  ( which I am proud to say was not the case) and a focal point.
On the back it has a simple envelope opening and I hope that this gives the club members an idea, which they can then interpret in their own way  and at the same time can see what the material could be developed into.
Not bad for 1.5 hours of playing -  sorry I mean working!!
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