Sunday, 27 April 2014

I survived! is all over now!
It has taken two years, four sketchbooks, 2 pieces of course work practical and two sets of practical exams totally 20 hours.  Lots of evening class sessions, a few hundered miles driving  ( mostly in the pouring rain), lots of homework tasks, lots and lots of photographs, double sided tape, paint, fabric galore, several thousand words  for written work, numerous now blunt scissors, pritt stick (I need shares in this) and yards of masking tape to name just some of what I have needed to design and make over the past two years.
   However at  approx 4pm this afternoon I officially completed my A level Fine Art textiles course as I handed in my last sketchbook which took 10 weeks and a broken finger to put together plus my practical which took just under 12 hours to make over two days.  Phew!

It sounds really awful but it has in fact been great fun if at times a little over whelming.  I have extended my drawing skills in such a way that I am now able to draw almost anything (almost) and my sketchbooks have already proven to be a very  valuable teaching resource at school.  I have discovered new fibres and fabrics which I will be sharing over the coming weeks, and the combining of materials that I have not attempted before.  Plus I have made three new friends.
I come from a fashion background but my Fine Art Textiles course has taken me in a new direction and I would so love to be able to follow this up with another degree but I am afraid that the mortgage needs paying!
What next?
Well, I really liked learning how to mono print and make collographs so I am looking to do a class on printing, but this time without the exam content............I would like to do it just because..............

As you can imagine I am a little tired. 
Google images and Peg @ Happy in Quilting
 Due to no weekend next week is going to be a little hard going but I have asked our Technician if she could pop over and give me a hand as all my groups are due to complete their own practical work as well.
I have taken pictures of my exam and coursework projects, but I can not able to show you anything until after the results have been issued.
Having looked at my blog I do not think that I ever completely posted about last years work so I shall do that until results day instead.
In two weeks our group is going to meet up for a final session to say good-bye properly as it has been a bit full on this weekend, so that just abut gives me time to sort out a handmade teacher thank you gift and a card.
What has been keeping you busy this weekend?


Lynne said...

Well done! Much deserved congratulations. I have been so impressed with your sketch books, and all the work you have shown us. How exciting to be contemplating "what next?" Good luck, and keep us posted along the way! Lx

Plain Jane said...

Brilliant - the hard work has definitely paid off! Now treat yourself to a well earned rest x Jane

WendyCarole said...

Well done. I was worn out just reading about all that you had to do. :)

Toffeeapple said...

Sorry to be so late, but - well done! Take some time to rest now, build yurself up for the next thing, if there is to be one.

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