Tuesday, 29 April 2014

Have you read this book?

Has anyone read this book?
My sister in law passed on three books to me back around February time and suggested that I read this one first.  A new author for me and the title did put me off a little, 
"The Hundred Year Old Man who climbed out of the window and Disappeared"
by Jonas Jonasson, quite a mouthful and a title not to be attempted after a couple of glasses of wine!

Anyway itt actually turned out to be quite a page turner and it looks at the present day life of Allen Karlsson but also his past and as far back as the 1920's.  How the author planned the storyline of this book I will never be able to start to fathom  as iy goes back and forth with each chapter but I did not find it confusing at all.  So if you get a chance to read this I would certainly give it a go and do stick with it.  It made me laugh and groan in a I" do not believe it! way all the way through.  It cleverly links it real events and people with Allan's life and how he may have influenced  those events.

Ironically just after I had started it a colleague at work came out of her room with a copy of the same book and was going to pass it on to someone else in her department.  She also enjoyed it and thought that the story line was very original.
It does take me sooooo long to read a book but I did manage to start the next one of the three my sister in law passed on last evening, but more on that once I have finished it.

Many thanks for the lovely comments regarding my finally completing my A level evening class and exams. 
I will not get the result until August but I hope to take part in some online swaps (anyone now of any?)  and make a set of curtains for the living room  and generally be around blogland more often.  I still need to continue my 2014 resolution of progressing with my crochet skills and I wanted to do a mini Spring swap but work stepped up, Ofsted visited and I broke my finger, so I had to postpone it.  May be I could try again.
Best go as I need my beauty sleep it has been a very busy day and my hip is just reminding me that it is still there!


Andi's English Attic said...

This is interesting as I recently read 'The Little Old Lady Who Broke All the Rules' by another Swedish author Catharina Ingelman-Sundberg. Perhaps there's a trend happening in Sweden? :)

Indigo Blue said...

Oh, I think I have lost a comment on my iPad.
My apologise whoever it was. Could you added it again.

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