Wednesday, 5 March 2014

Ouch! Update - Are you squeamish?

Well, I have been to work every day and struggled with writing etc but to no avail.  I wrote on the white board on Friday morning and you could barely read it and it was agony, even with pain killers so I had to read it out loud and the students wrote it down.  Luckily only one sentence then moved on to another task.  I had not had a chance to come up with another way in time but since then I have.
I took the dressing off Friday night and it looked awful!  The colour and shape were not good.
Move on to today and here is the update.
The dressing above has been changed to a support tube bandage which holds two fingers together and acts as a splint.  Getting that on was still painful but at least my finger is more straight looking.
The consultant in Truro wiggled it around and asked me a few questions then we both looked at the xrays again.
Not entirely sure of a break as such but there is something there.  The Cyst is benign!  (It also has a very complicated name and on average they only see four of these a year!) Big sigh of relief for so many reasons.  However the cyst needs removing and it quite clear on the x-ray.  Appears to be on only one finger (odd) so if you are squeamish you may want to move to another blog.
They want to operate on my finger to remove the cyst by scrapping (those were his exact words) it out of my finger/bone.  Then........this was the surprising bit........take a bit of bone from my wrist and "stuff" the hole with it!!
Did not see that coming at all!!  

So lets step back for just a minute.

A small part of my anatomy needs operating on plus my wrist, on my writing hand.  I teach art and textiles with a massive timetable, a possible Ofsted is due at some point (date unknown) and my evening class practical exam is just after Easter!
So to speed things up he put me on the waiting list today with a 4 week timescale.  So I am in limbo with the above.  Not life threatening in any way, but honestly, the timing.

So Hubby is driving me everywhere......I did try driving today as I miss my independence but had to pull over when I whacked my hand on the gear stick.  Ouch again!
Hubby drove me to my evening class and at the moment I shall carry on until an operation date and take it from there as I hope to at least have a letter quite soon even if the date is a bit of a wait.
I handed in my coursework project which I finished the evening before I injured my finger/hand so it can be marked and if I have to pull out of the exam the marks can be stored and I could do the exam next year.
We shall see what happens over the next week but pulling out at this stage is not ideal but might be unavoidable if the operation is too close to recover from in time for the exam or I just give it my best shot and ask for consideration when marked.
So there you have it! 
Life is not dull, is it?
Many thanks for the comments left on my last post and I am replying now that I can type faster, but I am going to have to stop now as my hand is telling me it has had enough.
Take care all.


Brynwood Needleworks said...

Oh, my dear Andrea...
It hurts just looking at it! Isn't it always the way that the one thing that hurts is always the one thing that gets bashed? Let you hubby take care of you for now. I know how you feel because I had to rely on Handsome for two extended periods last year, but you'll do better in the long run - and our dear spouses really feel better when we lean on them a bit. I think it must be hard when they're married to strong-willed women. You'll be safe and cared for - and heal that much faster.

I'll pray that you get through this soon and return to full health. Sending healing hugs.

Toffeeapple said...

At least you have an answer now, so you can rest about the cyst. Bear in mind that the most important thing is to get you back to normal, before you consider anything else.

Wishing you well. x

Kitty said...

Oh my goodness. You poor thing. Hope all goes well and you are able to use your hand again soon. We don't realise how much we use our fingers, do we?

Annie @ knitsofacto said...

Ouch indeed ... I'm just catching up here so had missed your previous post ... what a miserable thing to have happen. And as someone who has taught art and textiles herself in the past I know how much you need two functioning hands. Here's hoping your date comes through quickly, your op is soon, and you're soon on the mend xxx

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