Tuesday, 10 December 2013

Making a start on Christmas

Well the day started at about 6am with the sound of my poor daughter being ill in the bathroom!  Due to hubby working away this meant an unexpected day off work!
What shall I do?  I thought...well I decided to make a start on Christmas.
Firstly I wrote out cards for each of my tutor group and popped a chocolate coin inside each one.
Sophie wanted to help despite being as white as a sheet, she added a bit of Christmas tape on the back of each envelope to keep it shut.
Blogger does not like this picture...never mind.  The coins meant stacking the cards would not work so I decided to follow Sophie's idea of adding some ribbon to keep them together.
The Create ribbon was free on the front of an issue of Mollie Makes plus some more festive ribbon.
Sophie chose some spotty ribbon in Christmas colours rather than an elastic band!  Very stylish.
Sophie's teacher is going to get a copy of this card which Sophie designed and my in-laws had printed in a batch of 12.  This was painted in 2012 .  I am about the only member of the family not to have taken a piece of work and printed it as a card so perhaps that should be a task for next year.  Maybe one of my A level pices perhaps, there is one that might be suitable.
Very satisfying to see them wrapped and stacked on a shelf on my white dresser.
We found some of last years cards so using an old pair of pining shears we made them in to gift tags.  Some of you of a certain age may remember seeing this on Blue Peter many years ago.  Do they still do this idea?  Probably not.
Oh! what is wrong with Blogger this morning, anyway we made quite a few and these will be used on presents this year.  I like these not only are they recycling old cards but they are actually big enough to write on!  Unlike the shop bought ones.
All of the above by 10.30am, crikey I need a lie down but a cup of tea will have to do.
So I have made a start.  Next, more cards for the rest of the family and friends, then present wrapping which I may leave until the weekend as I have a fabric tree decoration half made which needs my attention.
Have you been able to make a start on Christmas yet?
Take care


BumbleBri said...

These are adorable!

Indianna said...

A very productive day, with a little assistant. I've not started yet....apart from buy stamps!

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