Sunday, 3 November 2013

Sewing Room - Lavender Sachets

When I asked my Textiles Club if they had any ideas as to what they might like to make I was a bit surprised when they agreed that lavender bags would a good.
So over half term I have been coming up with some templates and ideas as well as finally sorting out the lavender stored in my garage ( Yes I actually had some that we coud use) , so that it is ready as our next project once the final Ticker tape canvases have been completed.
I also wanted to add another skill and media to the project and here is where the simple use of fabric pens and sewing machines comes in.  My pens are actually running out but I found that this added to the hand drawn effect that I was after any way.  Just a simple lavender stem with a few straight forward leaves.
The number of stems and leaves can vary and I do have the start of a template for the students to follow rather than trace off.  Then the drawings will be fixed by using a hot iron.
I have come up with two simple ideas but I think that the one on the right with the green ribbon is the one we shall use as the bigger sachet is a bit tricky to fill and stitch up the gap.  Also I like the look of the coloured ribbon.
So I have fabric, ribbon, lavender and pens.  So hopefully some will be started tomorrow.  I shall also get some pictures of the finished Ticker tape canvases to put here for you to see.  
Does anyone else have any ideas for lavender?  I am trying to avoid soap making or anything expensive as this little club is run for free and we recycle or re-use where possible.
The kitchen smelled lovely by the time I had finished!!
I think I might move on to making some Christmas sachets if I can any seasonal pot pourri, do they still make that stuff?
Have a good week.
I shall be back this week as I have been stitching away this weekend and have several posts lined up.


Ali said...

Your lavender bags look wonderful and I'm very impressed with your drawing they look lovely. I'm making my daughter a couple of lavender filled hearts to hang on her bedposts. I'm planning on using tartan fabric as I believe it's popular at the moment. Don't know if that's given you some inspiration. Can't wait to see your other makes.
Ali x
PS thanks for offering to post the pattern next halloween.

Wendy said...

Oh, these look so lovely and so much fun to make. I know they will enjoy the process of making these.

Peg - Happy In Quilting said...

These are just so lovely what a great idea,,

sweetpea family said...

I adore lavender - just beautiful x

Jill Eudaly said...

They both turned out wonderful. Wish we could send smells over the internet.

Toffeeapple said...

!Fabris pens! I didn't know about those, I shall have to investigate.

Your lavender bags look lovely, both types.

Tatkis said...

Great idea - wonderful sachets!


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