Monday, 21 October 2013

Travel Pouch for Filofax Extras.

I have seen several of these on blogs and websites and they have all been used slightly differently.
This is a travel pouch for passports and tickets etc. I bought it from Amazon and I do have to say that as a stationary organiser it is fine but if I was travelling with it I doubt it would last.  Not great quality and when this does finally stop working I shall look into making my own fabric version.
There are numerous pockets including a slide in section and a one zippered section, plus pen loop.
First in is this handy little book of heavy duty post-its with tabs.  They have lines on for writing and really do stick.  I bought them from The Works.  They are great and I use them in my A5 Filofax which is my teacher planner this year.
This goes in the slide -in pocket at the back and I tend to have my everyday items nearer the front for easy finding.
Colour coded stickers for each year group, type of meeting, subject etc.  Do not mind what the shape is as long as it is Red, Blue, Green, Yellow and Orange.
Gold stars for those Star working moments/ homework etc.  They are used quite a bit so they go in one of the pockets near the front.  
The pockets are just the right depth to keep all of the sticker sheets nice and flat.
These dinky little post-its come from Clinton Cards in Seaford.  For some reason not all branches have closed down and they have a whole section of little post-its!!  I use these for personal work related reminders for me.  They stand out really well.  I do tend to glue them in so that they do not fall out.
These are from Staples and I use these as  additional tabs to existing pages both paper and card versions.  They are not all  removable and can be written on.  Very tough and put up with a lot of punishment and can still be read clearly months later.
In the diary pages if I need to change a whole day I simple cut to sizee an ordinary white label and cover the whole section.  
This is often a last resort but is quick to do in a meeting situation.  They go in the zippered pocket as they are not used very often.
Some fun post-its go in the other pockets and get used most days.
The big zippered pocket goes the full length of the pouch which is ideal for rulers and all sort of additional pencils etc that will not go in your planner.
It is amazing how much you can actually fit in these pouches so the not so good quality starts to fade a little.
The little pocket at the front holds some spare keys to some cupboards in case  the main key goes missing.
So once everything is in place with a pen slotted in the centre and a pencil sits in the loop and popped in the pocket below, then we are ready to go!
I have had highlighter pens in here but they seem to have ended up in my planner anyway because they are mini ones so they are missing form these pictures.
Even fully stuffed it is not very wide and the zip is not straining in any way.
I tend not to use the front pocket very much as it gets caught in my bag but there is more room for a little notebook and pen.
Overall, I have been using this for work for about 7 weeks and it is working very well indeed.  I just need to remember to re-stock it every now and again!  It has everything I need day to day and it lives in my work bag which frees up a  lot of space in my main planner, all of the stationary stays nice and the post-it glue section does not get covered in fluff or dust which stops them from sticking properly!
A good buy at £3.99 and has with stood the usage that I have put it under.
This item would be ideal as a pencil case or coupon and voucher pouch as well.
This has been a bit picture heavy but I hope it gives  you an idea of what I do to help me organise my working life.
Bye for now.


Helenjean said...

that is one clever little filofax holder, hold sooo much

Doris said...

It seems to be well-designed to hold that much stuff in it, despite the lack of quality you mentioned.

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