Saturday, 28 September 2013

A Sew Creative Day Out

Hubby took me to Stitch Sew and Hobbycrafts Show at Westpoint in Exeter.  I did not manage to get there last year so I was keen to look for ideas and materials for my evening class.
I also wanted to see the costumes for Les Miserables and the first one I saw was worn by Russell Crowe:  The costumes were very well made as in the past I have seen costumes from  some productions and I have wondered how they managed to stay together!
This was a very smart uniform made of lovely fabric.
This coat looks like it made of leather but up close it is on sort of lightweight canvas.  Again, very well made and must have fitted well.
Next up were the costumes worn by the actors named above.
Reminded a little bit of what Helena Bonham Carter wore in Harry Potter but a different colour scheme! Tiny waist too.
This is really quite a bright yellow in real life!
Then last but not least.........
This is a much nicer in colour that this picture suggests and I am not so sure that this is quite in focus.  A bit shorter in height than I was expecting but again a lovely costume!  
These were the best set of costumes since the Titanic set that I saw quite some years ago.  Pity there were not a few of the child actors costumes as there were quite a few children in the film.  Brings to the fore that sewing and designing has a possible career for the youngsters to aspire to.
Wonder what they will have next year.
I shall post tomorrow what else we did today as Strictly Come Dancing is on and I need to take some pictures in day light tomorrow.  The evenings have certainly drawn in this past two weeks.  Even bought my winter knitting projects today as well.
Bye for now.


Carol said...

Although I still prefer the stage version this was still a fabulous flm. Even DH agreed, although at ten minutes in he was akskng "what's this rubbish we're watching!" . He loved it in the end.
Glad you had a good day, Yarndale was amazing - and I get to do it again tomorrow!
Carol xx

Peg - Happy In Quilting said...

Amazing costumes...

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