Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Update - Little gems for The Big Knit

You may remember a couple of weeks ago that I gave the link for The Big Knit instructions and website.
Well, due to going on a plane for my holiday I decided not to take the knitting needles as I thought it might cause too many problems even if they were in my suitcase.  So I waited until I got home.
I made the above in 2009 and thought that perhaps I could try and make this years little hats a bit more fun.
I dug out some scraps left over form crocheting various projects last year and matched a few up to make the little striped hats.  By using a pom pom maker (tutorial link at the top of this blog) I even added mini pom poms to  the hats as well.
A ball of this crazy wool was sent to me as part of a giveaway I won a few years ago.  Not really enough to make anything with so it was perfect for these little hats.  It really is rather odd yarn and makes these hats very different!
Then I knitted some plain versions and added either flowers that were made on a small flower loom (tutorial can be found in the links at the top of this blog) and the hat in the front has a very small crochet flower added to it.  I carefully stitched them on with wool after I had stitched the hat together so that I could get it in the centre just right.
I stitched this to look like a square and in a nice shade of blue.
So here they are, all 10 of my "Little Gems".  The deadline is not until the 1st of October so I shall have a go at making a few more.  I used 4mm needles (UK) and you could even use shop bought pom poms if you had them, plus basic double knitting wool.  Nothing posh at all but they still caome out lovely.
 If you are also taking part in this Charity knit then please add a comment with a link to your blog or site so that we can pop over and take a look plus support each other in this good cause.
Cute are they not?  Love making these and lining them up along the shelf next to where I sit in the living room.  I might even try the new design this year of a grape, depends on how easy it will be to follow the pattern!  I am not a natural knitter at all.
Take care all and welcome to the two new followers that I had join up in the past few weeks.


Indigo Blue said...

There is also a button on their site that you could pop on your blog with a link to help attract more people to the hat patterns if you are unable to make any. Any support iOS a positive step.
Many thanks

Ali said...

I'm really pleased you highlighted this. Your hats look really sweet. I've managed to make 9 so far but I'm hoping to do more. I'd laugh if I saw one of mine in a shop.
Ali x

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