Friday, 5 July 2013

Monster Softie Making - OPAM July

It is that time of year when I run my Monster Making Workshop at school.  So I had 17 year 9 students for a whole day whereby they designed and made their own custom made monster.
The above is my effort which I finished off last night.  
We used mainly fleece with some fur and felt. 
The monster that I made last year had been sitting quite happily on a shelf in my room for over a year and then three weeks ago.........
It was taken from my room.
In 18 years I have only had three things taken and sadly this was one of them.  Pity and many students were appalled by this and were not impressed but despite a reward offer for its return my monster is still missing.
I had promised this for Sophie at the end of this school year.  I did make my own pattern so I might try and make another one.
Anyway.............below shows the efforts of my Monster making group.  Which is your favourite?
Bright green fur!!
Of course some bright pink fur as well.

Even white fur.

Orange fleece and stitched on the outside for this design.
Spotty fun.
Smile please!!

Hi !
Yet more green...was definitely the most popular colour.
Hello Monster fans.
Love the grin on this chap!
Pink heart monster
And finally....
The Monster Bunch.
It was a very busy day and here is the gang all together.
All over for another year!
Take care all


Carol said...

Aaaargh scary!!!
Sorry your other monster was taken, not nice. I'm sure Sophie will like whatever new monster you create.
Carol xx

Martha said...

What a great monster gang! They look great all together!

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