Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Harry Potter Studios - Part 1

Sorry that this post is several weeks late but I have BT and Open each to thank as they were fixing one problem but the cut off our land line and Internet trying.R
Anyway, is back as it should be so here it is and due to its size I may need to do 2 posts on this.
Whilst you are queueing up to go into the main studios there are things to see such as the cupboard under the stairs which is where we first sight Harry Potter in film one.
After moving into a room which explains where the idea for the books and films came from we then moved into a small cinema room and watched a film of the three main characters going into some detail about the skills and time taken to make everything in the films so real.  Right down to actually making and printing the newspaper The Daily Prophet.
We were then taken here.....

The Great Hall is the oldest set from film one and was used in every film.  After the last film it was moved piece by piece to the Evesden studios.  The flag stones are real to put up with amount of usage over the years.  Not sure why it is blue....odd lighting and the camera made it even odder!  We had a guided tour of this section giving us information that we did not know.  Very interesting.
It is quite odd to actually walk along it but you can imagine the 400 youngsters that they managed to fill it with quite easily.
They had costumes for each of the four houses.
This is Griffindor house along with Neville's cardigan.
Plus those of the teachers...
We the moved into the main part of the studio tour which you were able to go around by yourself and boy, is there a lot to see.
Costumes and hair.
Clothes from the Yule Ball, for Hermione, Harry and Cho Chang.

Huge model to look like a ice sculpture.
Ron's Ball robe, and yes it is just as bad in real life as they are on the film!

Did you know that many of the characters were in fact wearing wigs much of the time?
This section was fascinating and the amount of time that went into these was incredible.
I recognised many of these from various scenes in the films.
We then moved on to some of the scenery and props
 which I think I will save for the next post.  I am being a bit selective in what I put here because if you are thinking of visiting I do not want to give too much away.
Best wishes


Ali said...

So glad to hear you up and running.
What a wonderful post. I loved all the photos and the lovely info about the place. Oh I didn't know they wore wigs, interesting. My daughter will love this post she's potter mad, I'm going to have to show her.
Ali x

Anonymous said...

I had a lovely day at Harry Potter Studios.
Thank you Mummy.
Love Sophie

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