Sunday, 19 May 2013

This is more like it!!!!

Some flowers are now starting to bloom in the garden such as this Aquiligia.
I pruned my lovely clematis a few weeks ago, thinking that I had left it a bit late but look what I found yesterday!  Lots and lots of lovely flowers.
I am hoping that I will be able to take those green covers of the gaden furniture at some point. Lovely blue skies and plenty of warm sun meant that I got my first outdoor dried wash of the year!!  Love the smell of washing hung outside.
This is one of my favourite plants in the garden and it bloomed a few weeks ago.  The hard rain last week nearly finished it off but quite a few flowers are still intacted.
Sophie's play house....opps I meant newly named Design Studio... is looking good after a cold winter.  Everything is now growing quickly and flower bubs are fit to burst open.
These two fellas are looking after everything for us and spin round every now and then if the wind picks up.

This Azalea did not do very well last year but has already made an effort to bloom.
I was hoping that today was the first of several days but tomorrow is uncertain.  Anyway, a sign of things to come.
What sort of day did you have?


Tatkis said...

Such a lovely garden, full of blooming flowers! It should be nice to spend some hours there every day :)


Twiggy said...

smashing photos, our clematis is finally beginning to bloom. I love your little birdies ;)
twiggy x

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