Thursday, 30 May 2013

Standen - National Trust- Tuesday.

Despite what this picture might show, we managed to pick a day (Tuesday) when the heavens opened to visit this lovely house.  It is built in the Arts and Crafts style and is a feast for the eyes!  I wanted to visit partly to take some pictures for my personal investigation for the second year of the A level Textiles course I am going to sign up for in September.  
I did mange to take a few but I will have to go back again later in the year.
Some of the tulips are still out and with my little digital camera I did mange to take this picture showing the drops of water as well.
Flora and Fauna is the topic that I am thinking of at the moment and I wanted to try and get some close up pictures to show the textures and colours. I am not really sure if these pictures will actually be used or not.
I did take some of these at the Eden Project earlier in the year.
This is slightly out of focus but I do have another picture taken at home but an idea is developing with this plant in mind.
I ventured back outside in the pouring rain quickly so that the camera did not get too wet to take the above picture.  Lovely delicate flowers.
The light on the day was very odd and the camera was not sure what to focus on but I like this picture with the rain showing up quite well.
I had some fun with my camera but in the end the idea of walking round the gardens in ever worsening rain did not appeal so we got back in the car and drove back to Lewes by which time the rain had stopped so a little walk around some of the junk/antique shops filled the rest of the day.
Our trip tomorrow (Wednesday) is going to be really magical - a hint in the words there as to where we went!
Take care all

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