Saturday, 13 April 2013

Purple Malden - Mini Size - Creating Dividers

A few weeks ago I spoke about my own past use of Filofaxes and how I might drift back to using them as things change and I do not like to have dates etc on a mobile phone or other digital device, but prefer to use paper and pen.
Well,  I have not been able to find my dream purple A5 version but after several days deliberating I decided to purchase the Purple Malden mini size for my handbag.  I thought it would save me from having to buy a new diary every year and the inserts do not cost as much as a new diary would.
I took this picture in good day light but I do have to say that the colour is much darker than this,  alovely colour and is so nice to the touch.
It is just the right size, even for my evening bag which I used when we went out for a meal yesterday.
Many are used as small wallets so there is a pocket at the back for notes etc.
A little zipper pocket for change and some slip pockets for coupons etc.  I do have to say that using this as a wallet would not suit me at all,mainly because I am very likely to leave it lying around somewhere and lose it!
At the moment I can only find a stubby little pencil to fit in the loop, but I am sure I must have something in one of my numerous pen pots that it will fit and look more glamorous.
Last summer a trip to Paperchase in Plymouth resulted in these owl tab stickers being brought home and they are just the right size for this little Filofax.
One thing that I did want to find was a hole punch that actually worked and I succeeded after two years of searching.  This is a multi-adjustable punch in metal that I found on Ebay UK and will cut from A5 down to pocket size, not mini I hear you cry ...ah but wait.....
You may remember in my earlier post that I made my own dividers for the Paperchase Filofax I used for blogging etc and wanted to try again for this little one.
So I drew around one of the A_Z dividers at the level that I wanted and carefully cut it out.  By sliding the hole sections in the hole punch and sliding the paper up to one end I managed to punch accurate holes for the mini as well!  I do need to do this by eye rather than use the plastic slide out guide.
Brightens it up a little.
This version it too small for a plastic today ruler so I made a card stock version, I could laminate it but it would just add bulk so I made it a bit longer but still within the edges of the cover and punched the holes again.
It all just peeps out at the top of the cover...........
Not over full yet...but time will sort that out.  There are couple of slip pockets in the back cover where I have put business cards but other than that I have not really done much else with this Filofax.  It will live in my handbag and be used as a simple but gorgeous diary to update each year and grew old gracefully like its owner.  I may just change and add to the dividers or tabs as time moves along.
Went to Plymouth again today and had to visit Paperchase but more on that next time as I have not taken any pictures yet.
What do you use to help organise yourself, or in my case try not to forget to be somewhere or to do something important!!


WendyCarole said...

Love the colour of your filofax. I found mine the other day while tidying. I was wondering whether to start using it again. I love the zip part in yours. Mine is bright yellow and somewhat grubby :(

MySummerTouch said...

Absolutely love this little cutie!

Carol said...

Love how you have personalised your filofax. I still use mine too.
Carol xx

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