Monday, 11 March 2013

Looking for...... Malden in Purple/Aubergine A5 Purple Malden Filofax.............
I have been told that it is more of an aubergine colour than the picture shows which I found on Google images.
I have googled this item to within an inch of my life and tracked down many other colours but I am afraid this is the one that I am prepared to pay out for as I would keep it for years!!!!  (They are not cheap)  There are loads on Youtube and it was only launched April 2012 but again I seem to have missed the retail boat.  
As readers of this blog live all over the world I was wondering if anyone knew where I could contact a seller for this item.
It is for work and my evening class among other things.  They could be phasing out my work planner in favour of using ICT forms of planning and organising.  Call me old fashioned but I like a hard copy of anything that I personally need.  I like to actually write things down as part of the remembering process etc. 
I would be very grateful for any pointers to tracking down one of these lovely books before my poor laptop melts through over googling!
Many thanks.


Lynne said...

Drooling at that wonderful planner, Jane. I have a lovely leather/suede one my son bought me 10 years ago - I love it, and of course can't replace it. But I love the purple.

I've been blogging about re-organising/ de-cluttering and getting organised, and have been up-jigging my planning system (!) and have found the 'notes' facility on my lap top to be very handy. However, a true Luddite, I too have to have a hard copy, hence my search for a really good planner. I'm with you! Belt and braces.

dottycookie said...

I can't help but I do hope you find one!

Toffeeapple said...

The best I can do is this link, where you are invited to ask them to e-mail you when it is back in stock.

That should take you to the exact colour that you want, I hope it helps!

Wendz said...

Hi, have just found your blog and enjoyed reading it.
Check out this ebay item, I think it is what you are looking for:
Good luck.

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