Sunday, 6 January 2013

Cosy Funky Feet!!

A few months ago my daughter talked me into buying the above because she had outgrown her slippers.  Now that we have wooden flooring, in the winter you do need something on your feet even if it is just very thick socks.
I will be honest I  was not entirely sure but Sophie has worn them constantly ever since.  So when I discovered that I had not spent the Accessorize gift card that I had from last years birthday I wondered.........  This gift card had been sat in my purse hidden behind some other cards and I had completely forgotten about it it!  How I managed that I am not sure but I did, I found it whilst sorting my purse out to go on the cruise as I did not want to take everything.

So when we went into Truro last weekend I went into accessorize still wondering.  I had been on their website the night before but any slipper items were not in my size so I thought may be something else.  I make many of my own accessories so this gift card was actually hard to spend which is possibly why it had been in my purse for so long.
So, to the back of the shop I went and in the middle of this pile of slippers (they do not hang up very easily) I found these.....
Less fur and pom pom -  more knit and pattern.
They are for indoors only so I need to remember to swap shoes as my freezer is in the garage and they are reeeeeeallllly comfortable.  I like socks on as well but my feet are not over heating and if I could wear them in bed I would!!  Sophie thinks they are great and hubby helped me choose and said they looked ideal.
They are lined and have an anti-slip sole and I love 'em.  So I have been converted and Sophie thinks it great that we both have slipper boots.
Friends popped round for belated gift exchanges due to us being away over the holidays, and they never commented on them so they must not look silly on me.  They are so comfy though without being bulky.  I have found many conventional slippers rather stiff and over spongy, so these are ideal.  We laugh at getting socks or slippers for Christmas or birthday..... but not this time.
Does anyone else have a pair of these?


Annie @ knitsofacto said...

I don't own any, but I wish I did! They look marvellous :D

Lynn said...

Love the slippers! They look so warm and cozy!

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