Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Happy Tenth Birthday Sophie

Last Friday Sophie had a landmark birthday.............10 years old.  Where has the ttime gone, and I have been repeating that ever since.
Unfortunately hubby and Sophie have really bad colds at the moment (we did fear flu to start with) so it is quite quiet here and porr Sophie has not been up to looking at her gifts or playing very much.
Her poor little face is so white and she can not breath at all but she has been in good spirits.  She really is a very good natured young lady.   As I am typing this at 10.30pm she has just joined me at the kitchen table with one of ther drawing presents.  Trying to get to sleep is out of the question at the moment.
For the past few years I have been asked to make individual cupcakes which go on a stand but not this year.  I was perhaps a little disappointed and the above shop bought cake was asked for and I decorated it.  Sophie pointed put that due to all of the reports etc that ihave to do she did not want me to worry about baking.   Ahhhhh!  She was very insistant so I caved in.  Very thoughtful of her but I really could have made those cupcakes!!
Ohh Blogger is playing around with my pictures, anyway...Hubby and I bought a few small items as her main present is a trip to the Pantomime next month with two friends which she asked for nearly a year ago.  The dark evenings meant that her three friends who popped round only went outside for a bit but them came indoors and played in the living room with nice games such a mouse trap, scrabble and other games.  Not once did they ask for a DVD or the television.  The cat got a lot of fuss made of him and I think he got a fed a several times so he thought it was his birthday as well!!
For tea we cleaned down the kitchen table and each child made their own homemade pizza, which went down very well especially covering the table with flour and not getting told off.
Good old jelly for afters and a small gift bag and a slice of cake to take home.  They were a lovely little group and I think Kieran was great to come on his own but then I was told by Mum that he has three sisters at home.
Sophie is getting too grown up for parties at home but this little after school tea party went well and all three guests did not want to go home.  Proof that a lot of money does not have to spent to have fun.
My reports are done, that is literally all I have been doing since 5th November and I have so much more to show you.  My next obstacle is a lesson observation on 10th December!  So I shall start the paperwork for that at the weekend.
I did reward myself with tonight off and I have been creating a sample for my evening class.  Just a few more bits to do them I will hand it in tomorrow. 
Sorry not to have given yo a peek inside my sketchbook, but now the reports are done I hope I will a bit more blogging time and hopefully a few more early nights.
Take care all


Chocolate Cat said...

Happy birthday Sophie! I think my daughter was about the same age the year she requested a bought cake! I was horrified! Hope her and your hubby are feeling better soon.

Ali said...

Happy Birthday to Sophie. I really hope your all feeling better soon. Sophie sounds like a lovely girl, thinking about her mum so much. Hope you get through those reports soon. All my teacher friends dread doing them. Take care.
Ali x

Twiggy said...

Happy Birthday Sophie!! Goodness me 10 already. Sophie's birthday sounds just lovely.
Twiggy x

Jill Eudaly said...

Sounds like a wonderful birthday.
( good job mom!)

Tatkis said...

Happy belated Birthday to Sophie!
Congratulations to you too :)


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