Thursday, 13 September 2012

Art Journal Travel Kit

Whilst looking for ideas for my travel book that I want to do when we go away at Christmas I stumbled on some You Tube videos by a very talented young lady called JenniBellie.  If you type in her name as it is shown here you will find her channel where there are about 93 videos to watch about all aspects of Art journaling.  JenniBellie also has a blog you can follow.
One of the videos caught my shows what JennieBellie takes when travelling and how she stores all of the bits and pieces needed to jounral when away from home.  You may want to pop over to You tube and watch the video called Art Jounral Travel Kit and then come back.  Could not set up link ( I am using my other laptop and the black one is still poorly.
JenniBellie uses a multi compartment handbag.  What a good idea rather than the sorry looking item I use now.  So off to Ebay and I found the above Antler travel make up bag which cost me the total of £3.49!
There are three compartment with further sub-sections.  Perfect for the job plus the whole thing is fairly leak proof.  Good strong zips too.
It is amazing just how much you can fit in this and still do up the zip easily!  In this picture there are a few items that I have moved around since taking it but it gives you the general idea.
On the inside of the first section is a zipped pocket where I have decided to put tags, paper, patterned papers etc for adding to my pages.  These are for Christmas as we will be away on the Oceana.
Also in this section are some glues and double sided tapes etc which I have put in a zippered pocket.  I recycled it from a much bigger zippered pouch and taped the sides and bottom with some fancy tape.  I have since added a single hole punch a roll of mini tape with cupcakes on for adding to the journal pages.
The middle section is stuffed with all sorts of things to add colour. A blue cloth for cleaning brushes and anything else. It can be hand washed and dried.  A mini stamp pad and another home made zip pocket. Also in this section are some small pockets.  The secret to this bag is the width that each section can open up to.
This is one of the pockets with some little recycled paint pots which I am going to use for Acrylic paints.  They have good lids and hold quite a bit.  There are two small pockets used for these.
Also in the centre section I have room for a small water colour pad, and some die-cuts.
They had paint boxes reduced in the sale at The Range, so I treated myself to a new mini paintbox which also goes in the centre section.  Sorry about th picture but Blogger had other ideas as to the angle the picture should be. A new set of mini alphabet stamps which I found on Ebay.  As I was adding these items I was stood amazed at how much I was fitting in!!
The third and final section has some built in pockets shown above and here I have filled with a range of tools.
Just like the middle section there are two more slip pockets and here I have some glitter and mini sharpies, plus some cotton wool buds for smudging.
The other pocket has some ATC cards which I could use for all sorts of things.
Due to this section expanding like the first section, I was able to add yet more tags and bits to add to the pages.  Plus some ribbon for tying things in.  Honestly I just kept adding items and I still have some room left!!
I even managed to put in some metallic pens for the Christmas season, but I am going to now leave the ruler hole punch at home.
So... there you Art Journal Travel Kit inspired by JenniBellie seen at You Tube.
What do you think?


Carol said...

I think it is just brilliant! Thanks so much for this great post - guess who has one of those Antler bags in her cupboard just waiting for a good idea! (it almost went to the charity shop!)
Carol xx

efherrin said...

Cute little bag and and a great idea!

Anne said...

Great idea - of course, I could see me filling one of those bags and then going away somewhere and forgetting to do anything with it, lol. I do admire people who follow through with that sort of thing - my creativity seems to not follow organisation, haha. Looking forward to seeing what you produce from your bag of goodies.

Twiggy said...

Thanks for your good wishes lovely lady. I think that is a great idea and wouldn't something similar make a fantastic Christmas pressie ??
Twiggy x

Tatkis said...

That bag is fantastic! So many compartments and pockets! And cute too :)


Debs said...

U have just stumbled across your blog... and this is brilliant!!!! My Antler bag has just been dragged from the depths of the bathroom cupboard and is sitting on my desk waiting to be filled up!!! Thank you so much!
And yes.. agree with all you say about Jennibellie.... she is great! :-)

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