Monday, 3 September 2012

A fresh start...........Another Quilted Pencil Case.

It was my first day of the new school year today.  No students, just us staff having meetings end sorting things out.  You really do need this time so that the first day back for the students runs a smoothly as possible.  This will be my 18 year and I really do not know where the time has gone.
I like to make something for my colleague every now and then and this year we meet up again to work in the same Year group.  I decided last week to make her the above pencil case which she can use for any pens or for those that you use on a white board or even storing memory sticks.
Kirsty is a very good friend nit just my head of Year this academic year and she loves Purple!
I made a purple quilt for Kirsty's Wedding anniversary some years ago and that too was in shades of purple.  It was also my first quilt so she was very brave to ask!
So I used the same approach as my out sized version ( I have still not told you why it was so large but I will next week).
Strips of fabric patch worked together and then quilted on to woollen interfacing to add thickness and strength.  This time I added some machine embroidery designs along the seams.#
I could not resist adding some free machine embroidery.  I wished that I had added some to my version....only after I had finished it!
Again, I added fabric strips at either end of the zip to make it easier and neater to stitch.  I am definitely converted to this method of adding a zip to a pouch or pencil case.
I made the final length just a bit longer than one of Sophie's pencil case and then finally a lilac lining.
I think that I am going to have to make some more of these.....


Indigo Blue said...

My friend was so pleased with this that today she has commissioned a version to be used as a make up bag.

Lisa said...

Wow!! Such lovely things!! Have just discovered your blog after read your comment on another!! Have started to follow you, feel the need for creativity in my life!! Inspiring :))

Tatkis said...

Such a lovely pencil case! Embroidery makes it unique!


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