Thursday, 12 July 2012

Bags of Style

My Year 9 group have been learning how to construct 3D shapes in the form of Bags.
Above shows some of the completed bags.  We used a basic patter, some of which I designed so that the foundation would work.  Some element of certain success is needed so that a sense of achievement is gained to then have the confidence to move on to bigger and harder projects.
The students were then encouraged to add their own mark by changing elements of the bag, choose their own fabric and embellish them with hand made additions.
There is something about the colour combination of this bag that is really appealing.  I would not have thought of putting these two together, but is one of the things about my job....the way the students surprise.
A shprt post today as I have to put the finishing touches to a Primary workshop tomorrow.  A colleague and I have 63 primary students in tomorrow so a busy day ahead.  I have done these days before they are really good fun and it all goes soooo fast.
See you later.


Anne said...

What a great idea - so much better than my school sewing classes. Well done to your students.

katelnorth said...

Your students always have such interesting projects! I'm sure if my Y9 had you for textiles, she'd have really struggled with the choice to put it as an option (she chose art rather than either textiles or catering - I encouraged her as there's so much in art I can't possibly teach her, whereas my knowledge of textiles, while not as great as a textiles teacher, is a LOT greater than my knowledge of some aspects of art... I am also quite a good cook, so we felt we might have that base more covered as well, lol)

Ali said...

What talented students you have. The designs they've created are amazing. I really like the tartan bag, very creative. Hope your day with the primary children went well. Thanks for sharing. Ali x

Twiggy said...

I agree the colours look excellent together, don't they? really striking.
Twiggy x

Kitty said...

I bet your job is endlessly surprising on that score. Those bags look great!

Gone to Earth said...

The bags look amazing and the colour combination on the last one is really striking. A student with an eye for colour. I'm constantly amazed by the richness of the curriculum for textiles these days. I think the most exciting thing we ever tackled was an apron. Most of which was hand sewn as the teacher was concerned we'd waste too much thread using the sewing machines.

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