Sunday, 24 June 2012

Sketchbook Pages - Oil Pastels

In my last sketchbook post I said that I was going to carry on and start using my old oil pastels that I have had since I was about 16.
Many are now broken but the colours are still as bright as ever.
Even the original box ix still hanging in there!
I went back to my rose drawing and this time I added lines of cream, pink and dark red and then using a cotton wool bud I smudge it all together a certain direction to show the curve of the petals.
I then became a little bold and decided to go straight in with a page using all of the flowers and oil pastels on their own!!  I started in the middle and worked my way out.
I do like the texture that can be achieved using the oil pastels.
I really do like completing pages and over the past few months I have gotten myself into the habit of trying to do just that.
I can see a few more cards in the pipeline.  With the oil pastel pages I think that I shall print off these pictures and mount them on to card.
This turned out to be contrast pages.
On the left as you look at the pages the roses are in oil pastels, the leaves are in watercolours with pen to highlight details.  The other page shows pen, paint and soft pastels.
A complete change in direction then comes by swapping to charcoal.
Charcoal has its place and I do not dislike this page but sorry.....the pastels have the vote.
I think that I shall use the pastels on some more pages.  The bright colours also remind me of the summer that we all hope will appear soon!!
Have a good week.
PS. I have found two City & Guilds Sketchbook distant learning courses and I am tempted to use the money I will earn exam marking to sign up for it.   What do you think?...........


Mrs Jones said...

Your flowers look really good. I have never used oil pastels before, but I used to love the chalky pastels. I have most of my art equipment from when I was about 16 too!

manda said...

Oh gosh, you and me, are totally on the same wave length! I only just finished an oil pastel drawing on canvas and have written up the post and scheduled it for later this week!
Love the roses!!! Charcoal has its place but I like the pastels better too!

Tatkis said...

Wonderful roses and such a lovely charcoal drawing!


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