Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Diamond Jubilee Days

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The past few days have been quite busy!
On Friday our school broke up for a weeks holiday and on Saturday we had about 20 friends round for a bit of a Jubilee party.  
Cakes were baked, I made some cupcakes with white butter icing with strawberries and blueberries for the red white and blue bit.  Due to small children we decided not to have a BBQ but instead had a nice piece of British pork with a bowl of sage and onion to add to it plus rolls and apple sauce.  Plus other plates of food.
Needless to say that due to organising and setting up I forgot to take any pictures before the guests arrived, sorry.
The previous weekends had been scorching hot so we put up our gazebos to keep the sun off, but as it turned out it was to keep the RAIN OFF!!  Boy did it rain too. Such a shame but as you can guess we carried on.
We just moved it all inside, the TV was put on to see what was happening in London and a few kept us up to date with events.  Some of our friends had not seen each other for a while so it was a chance to catch up.
By the time we had finished every glass, plate, bowl and piece of cutlery had been used and washed so a good way to spring clean my cupboards and thank goodness for dishwashers!!  I only have a midi dishwasher but it really helps to keep on top of things.
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On Sunday we decided to sit in comfort with lots of tea and watch the Royal Boat Procession on the river Thames.  The rain was a shame but again it all carried on, well what else could be done?  I did feel sorry for the singers on top of the barge with the London Philharmonic Orchestra.  They looked soaked to the skin and freezing!  The first time they sang their bit hubby and I thought that they were facing the wrong way round and they were.  The barge did a really clever 360 turn and they had to sing it all over again and then again for good measure.  They did so well and it could take the rest of the week for them to fully dry out.
We decided to have a lazy day and watch the Jubilee events all day.  We remember doing the same 10 years ago for the Golden Jubilee.  I was pregnant with Sophie at the time, where has those years gone?
Moving on to Monday! 
A big family lunch to celebrate my  in-laws Golden wedding anniversary.  I made the above card.  The picture is a photo that I took of my roses.
Typically today was scorching hot and everyone needed a squirt of Sophie's sun lotion.  I had to go twice to the car to find various hats and an umbrella to keep Sophie from burning.  All seasons in about three days.
The view from the restaurant and hotel is gorgeous.....
Blue skies, sea and boats.
We sat on the  terrace until our table was ready and it was the best day for weather.
Afterwards we went back to my in laws house for a glass of champagne and wedding anniversary cake which had gold edible spray and sugar flowers.
Candles in the garden and then we watched the Jubilee concert held in front of Buckingham Palace.  It was very good and the fireworks at the end were brilliant!!  Luckily the rain held off the whole time but did start at about 11pm.  Unfortunately I had left some washing out but never mind.   We were also treated to some fireworks in Probus and they too were brilliant and we watched them from an upstairs window.
At the moment we have watched the carriage procession and some of the concert that we missed last night as it is being shown again on BBC 1.
The rain has held off again today although it is rather cloudy.  The sun is trying to show through.
Not sure what we have planned for the rest of the week.  Hubby has to go to the Isles of Scilley for a boat survey, could not get three tickets to go and the one time I could!  Sophie and I will plan something I am sure.
Hope you have had a good weekend and maybe had a chance to look in on what we have been doing here in the UK if you live further afield.
If you have been watching leave a comment stating which country you live in and where you were watching from such as your living room, garden etc.  60 comments is a tall ask but you never know....
I shall start off.........
OOpps! Spot the mistake? No? Good, but I was a decade out earlier.  I am too old for these late nights the brain can not function properly!  


Indigo Blue said...

I live on Cornwall, UK and watched everything from my Living room or my In-laws house.
Lots of firework in the village.
Now over to you.

Josie said...

I live in Yorkshire, UK. Me and hubby have been watching the celebrations on the television.

Josie x

Julie said...

I'm another UK resident and watched evreything on the telly from the comfort of our lounge. I felt very sorry for everyone on the Thames with all that rain and the freezing temperatures but so admired the Queen for her stoicism. I liked it when the royal party had a little bop to the orchestra :-) Today has been lovely enjoying the processions with my Mum and watching some of the bits I missed of the concert yesterday. I have been alive as long as the Queen has been on the throne (come July)so I felt the celebrations were for me too.;-)

Ali said...

Hi there from Lancashire. I sat watching with my daughter in our living room. Unfortunately hubby had to work. Looked great fun and would have liked to have been there. Ali x

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