Monday, 11 June 2012

Downton Abbey Series 1 & 2

I appreciate that I am behind everyone else about this series but at Christmas I did use some birthday money to buy a double DVD case of series 1 and 2.  I have only just got around to watching it.
I started to watch it last Friday evening whilst hubby was out.  I had only watched episode 1 on my own when he arrived back home.  Since then..................well,
we have both been watching the episodes back to back!  It is really compulsive viewing and hubby is really enjoying it too.  The hour for each episode just flies by.
As for the costumes.....well I am going to have to do a whole post just on those.  I so nearly applied for a theatre costume design course way back but plumped for the fashion one instead.  There is still a very large interest there for me even now.  I really like the film Titanic for the costumes and colour used.

So, we are now into series 2 of the DVD's and once I have finished this post we shall be seeing what happens next.  Downton Abbey has just been turned into a convalescence home for the officers, for those of you who have already seen it.  I now need to find series 3 as well.
I can see why so many people raved about it.
Bye for now.


Celine said...

I discover series 2 when it started on TV last year and bought series 1 to catch up and understand what was going on. I am not a great TV lover but couldn't get enough of this series. Series 3 has not been broadcasted yet so you'll have to wait until the autumn I think! Enjoy anyway! Celine

Anonymous said...

I love Downton Abbey, as well. I watched season 2 online but missed season 1. Season 3, as I understand it is in production now and will be shown this fall.

Anonymous said...

I love Downton Abbey. I watched season 2 online, missed season one. As I understand it season 3 is in production now.

dottycookie said...

I managed to miss almost all of Downton Abbey, and by the time I did tune in it was so far in I couldn't follow who was who. Perhaps I should rent it and watch from the beginning!

Carol said...

I loved the first series. Started the second but gave up after the first episode - too many adverts! Perhaps I need to get the DVD too.
Carol xx

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